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These 5 US states will pay you to move there right now

These 5 US states will pay you to move there right now

Would you move out to the countryside for money?

Have you had enough of the hustle and bustle of life and feel like moving out into the country? Then these states might be offering the deal for you.

There’s a lot to be said about living through the cost-of-living - food and essentials have skyrocketed, the cost to buy a house is insane and wages just aren’t measuring up to support this change in the economy.

It’s even harder now to try and meet the American Dream standards.

In the middle of the country though, a lot of states and cities have lost population in recent years and are now trying to attract new people to populate their towns.

The best thing about it? They are willing to pay you for it!

According to, a platform which helps to pair off remote workers with incentives to pack up and move for a better career opportunity.

Among those deals are five states with relocation programs that include cheaper housing and country lanes for miles.

Here’s the list of your choices if you’re in the mood to relocate for pay:

West Virginia is home to mountains and rafting.

West Virginia

Oh, country roads…take me home.

If you like to hike, rummage around beautiful national parks and recreation areas, then The Mountain State is calling out to you.

West Virginia is offering select lucky people to come and live in an area where you can go whitewater rafting and cross-country skiing and enjoy amazing views- and you’re paid for it.

The Ascend WV program offers a $12,000 relocation bonus, and a pass for a year’s worth of free outdoor activities.

With a median housing price of $157,272, according to Zillow, you’ll be enjoying a cheap and cheerful life near the peaks.


Who doesn’t love Oklahoma?

Not only is it close to the Ozarks and serves up chicken fried steaks on the regular, the city and neighboring Tulsa has plenty for you to do and visit.

Only a little more expensive than West Virginia, the median house price in the city is $196,774, but it’s better than most other states.

If you want to travel down Route 66 and take part in the Red Earth Festival, apply to the Tulsa Remote program, which hands out a $10,000 relocation package for those willing to move out there.

You'll be able to drink as much bourbon as you want in Kentucky.


There’s more than fried chicken and bourbon available in Kentucky.

Moving there means that you could enjoy live music, Mammoth Caves National Park, and number of communities in the Bluegrass State.

After boasting the title of being one of the top five affordable housing markets in the country, the relocation package is offered to those who can bring their work with them.


Whether you have an interest in sitting out at the Lake Michigan beaches or living close to Chicago, Indiana is a great place to feel the vibe of the Midwest.

It’s known for its low cost of living, low employment rate and vast landscape.

Luckily, you can experience all of this for just $227,178 if you choose to buy a home.

Towns like Marion and Angola are handing out cash for new arrivals which begin at $5,000.

The vast landscapes of Indiana really are something.


The Sunflower State is home to more than just Tornado Alley and the Wicked Witch of The West, there’s brisket, chilli and cinnamon rolls, Pizza Hut and agriculture.

If you want to pack up and move to Kansas, you can apply for a state income tax waiver and benefit from affordable housing.

Cities like Topeka are even offering up to $15,000 to anyone willing to live there.

I mean, I’m sold.

Featured Image Credit: Denis Tangney Jr/John Elk/Getty Images

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