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One of the smallest airports in the US only has one airline and a mile-long runway

One of the smallest airports in the US only has one airline and a mile-long runway

Morgantown Municipal Airport in West Virginia is an absolutely tiny airport, but it's attracted big attention after being shared on TikTok

Tucked away in a corner of West Virginia, there’s one of the USA’s smallest airports, complete with a tiny baggage carousel, a runway only a mile long, and just one airline operating out of it.

Just look at the place - it's kinda cute, really.

It’s called Morgantown Municipal Airport, sitting just outside Morgantown in Monongalia County, and – if you’ve ever been there – it’s unlikely you’ll ever have seen a smaller airport.

Recently, though, it’s been attracting quite a bit of attention online because of the size and charm of the place.

A video was recently posted on TikTok by user @aboriginalscents about Morgantown, and since then it has been viewed hundreds of thousands of times and received nearly 800 comments and 46,000 likes.

All publicity is good publicity, even if some of the people are mocking the airport.

This is the sort of plane you'll be taking.

The airport only serves North Central West Virginia – which is quite a complicated-sounding area when you think about it – and is almost exactly 10 times smaller than John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York.

Morgantown is 494 acres, whereas JFK is 4930 acres.

In the video, the tiny departure area has four passengers sat in it, waiting for a flight on a small plane.

We know that because the airport can’t handle larger aircraft.

The vid also shows a tiny baggage carousel, as well as a small booth that belongs to Southern Airways, the only carrier that operates out of the airport.

There are only two destinations you can go to from there: Pittsburgh International Airport and Washington Dulles.

Tickets are pretty cheap though, starting at just $29.

Southern Airways operate three aeroplanes from Morgantown, including a Cessna Caravan that features in the video.

If you want to fly on that, it’s only built to hold between 10 and 12 passengers, although the flights are daily.

Basically, it’s a very small airport, get it?

The security must be pretty fast, though, right?

Here's where you'd get your bags, if it was working.

The video does point that out, showing a tiny little TSA checkpoint.

Whilst many have pointed out the obvious appeal of the miniature airport, some have taken a little jibe at it, with one comparing it to an ‘urgent care’ center.

"My doctors office has a bigger lobby," another joked.

Another TikToker said that they ‘love the tiny carousel’ but the poster responded to tell them that sadly ‘it doesn’t work’.

“They bring your bags to you at the door lol,” she added.

Well, if you ever find yourself in West Virginia, needing a very specific flight to Pittsburgh or Washington DC, you know what you’ve got to do.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@aboriginalscents

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