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Funeral home sued for ‘accidentally’ cremating woman's body
Featured Image Credit: YouTube/8 News Now Las Vegas / Google Maps

Funeral home sued for ‘accidentally’ cremating woman's body

Loren Chavez was fatally shot on 17 September 2022

In some lines of work making a mistake on the job can mean something very serious indeed.

One family in Las Vegas has been left devastated after their loved one died very suddenly. Loren Chavez, 41 was fatally shot on 17 September 2022.

Her body was found next to the body of her husband Raymundo Chavez, 43, who died by suicide. The murder-suicide left her family bereft.

However, as if the sudden and tragic loss of their loved one was not enough for Loren's family to deal with, they had an awful surprise when they planned to say goodbye to Loren.

The family had been planning to have an open casket funeral for their loved one. However an 'accident' meant that his would no longer be possible.

They had gone to the funeral home to drop off some clothes that Loren would be dressed in for her funeral. However, an employee could not find Loren on the system.

Loren Chavez, left, was fatally shot on 17 September 2022.
YouTube / 8 News Now — Las Vegas

It transpired that Loren had 'accidentally' been cremated at the funeral home, meaning that her family would not be able to pay their final respects to her.

Mike Wilfong, who works as the general manager for Davis Funeral Home and Memorial Park, confirmed to the Las Vegas Review-Journal that an 'accidental cremation' did take place. He said that the home is now looking to do 'everything they can' to rectify the error.

However, Loren's devastated family are now suing the funeral directors for alleged negligence. They are seeking compensation of $15,000 as well as legal costs.

The family’s lawyer Christian Morris has claimed that an accidental cremation should not be possible due to regulatory safeguards which are in place.

The family are now suing the funeral home.
Google Maps

He said: “You have a system of checks and balances in these funeral homes, so this isn’t just like a one-off, it’s a systematic failure.”

Loren's sister Delia Salcido has spoken of how difficult it is for the family in the wake of the incident, saying that they would not have somewhere to visit their loved one.

She said: “It’s still a struggle to cope, and we weren’t able to have that peace, to see her one more time and pray over her and have a place to visit her.”

Loren is survived by her father Joaquin Raucho, mother Maria Raucho, sister Delia Salcido, brother Alex Ruacho, and son Raymond Val Chavez.

Her obituary on Legacy described her as a 'beloved Daughter, Sister, and Mother'.

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