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Driver hospitalized after crashing into the second floor of house

Driver hospitalized after crashing into the second floor of house

Rescue teams had to use a tow truck and fire truck to remove the car from the side of the home

A driver has been hospitalised in Pennsylvania, USA, after their car crashed into the second story of a home in Decatur Township.

No, you didn't read that wrong, and it isn't a typo. The car crashed into the second floor of the house - you know, the one typically positioned a good few feet above ground level?

The bizarre incident took place on Sunday evening (6 August), when authorities were called to the scene in Decatur Township, north of the city of Lewistown and about 60 miles northeast of Harrisburg, to a report of a vehicle crashing into a structure.

The car left a huge mess in the house when it was removed.
Facebook/Junction Fire Company

That's really the most basic description of what had happened, because the actual situation was much more complex.

Images from the scene show the gray Toyota Corolla hanging out of the side of the house, its trunk and back wheels hovering in mid-air while the front of the car was wedged into the second storey of the home, resting on an awning.

The driver had managed to make their way out of the car, and though rescuers did not mention any injuries, the driver was reported to have been sent to Geisinger Lewistown Hospital in the aftermath.

The car had managed to crash into the second storey of the house.
Facebook/Junction Fire Company

Rescue crews, who came equipped with a fire truck and a towing vehicle, managed to remove the car and stabilise the house before helping the homeowners put a tarp over the large hole left by the car.

Now, that brings us to the question I'm sure you've all been desperate to have answered: how on Earth did the car end up on the second story of the house, multiple feet above the road?

Short of the car sprouting wings - or the driver having somehow installed some sort of jet pack function - it's hard to comprehend exactly how the car could have ended up stuck so far up the side of the house.

Authorities were able to remove the car from the house.
Facebook/Junction Fire Company

Unfortunately, however, not even the response teams have offered an answer to the burning question of how it got up there.

It's most likely that the car hit something with such force that it was launched into the air before crashing into the home, but what it hit remains a mystery.

Facebook users began sharing their own theories after Junction Fire Company shared images from the scene online, with one person writing: "Back to the Future in a different make and model?!…Thanks to first responders!"

Another added: "Cars can fly!!!!"

Though the question of 'how' occupied most of the comments on the post, many viewers also took the opportunity to thank the responders for their hard work in removing the car and ensuring the people living in the affected home were taken care of in the aftermath.

Featured Image Credit: Junction Fire Company

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