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US Air Force officer tells congress that the military has a ‘small white’ UFO in their possession

US Air Force officer tells congress that the military has a ‘small white’ UFO in their possession

Apparently aliens exist and the US military has a UFO stashed away somewhere

If you didn't catch the whole 'aliens exist' thing yesterday, let's get you up to speed before we tell you about the UFOs.

Yesterday saw the US congress hold a hearing on the topic of UFOs and while that was going on, former intelligence officer David Charles Grusch claimed that aliens were real and that the military had some.

Speaking under oath, the US Air Force officer told congress that the US government was 'operating with secrecy above congressional oversight with regards to UAPs', so either he doesn't put much stock in the oath or he genuinely believes it.

UAP stands for 'unidentified aerial phenomenon' and that includes UFOs, so he reckons he's blowing the whistle on alien spaceships.

Grusch has previously said that the US government has an intact craft of 'non-human origin' which they are keeping a secret from the public and now he's given a few more details about the whole thing.

He claimed that the military has a 'small white' UFO in their possession, so any science fiction writers wanting to get their depictions of how aliens came to our world accurate should bear that in mind.

He says he saw proof of UFOs during his time as an intelligence officer and has decided to blow the whistle.
Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Grusch was a member of the UAP task force from 2019 to 2021 and would have been able to see quite a bit of confidential information and now he is sure that we also have the bodies of whomever was aboard the UFOs.

While he claimed this was 'something I can't discuss in a public setting' he did say that when it came to salvaging crashed spacecraft 'biologics came with some of these recoveries' and they were 'non-human'.

He's not the only one who's said that UFOs are real and the government knows more than they're telling you.

Meanwhile, a Tennessee congressman has claimed to have seen footage of UFOs which has convinced him that aliens could 'turn us into a charcoal briquette'.

Apparently the US military has recovered some UFOs, and sometimes they had aliens inside them.

If they're right that means alien spaceships have been crashing to Earth, were recovered by the US military and sometimes they actually had alien bodies in them.

Alternatively none of this is real, aliens haven't visited us and you can all go about your days as normal until the next time someone says UFOs exist.

In our scientific scouring of the depths of space we haven't yet made contact with aliens, as while we've picked up some interesting signals they always turn out to be something other than intelligent life attempting to say 'hello' or 'kill all humans'.

There are lots of different contrasting claims over the existence of UFOs, with some theories going back to the 1930s and fascist Italy as the site of the first actual alien landing.

Featured Image Credit: US Congress / Drew Angerer/Getty Images

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