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US Marine who exposed UFO secrets fears for his life after being threatened by 'men in black'

US Marine who exposed UFO secrets fears for his life after being threatened by 'men in black'

After his close encounter, ex-Marine Michael Herrera refused to speak about the UFO for years and was even harassed by helicopters.

An ex-US Marine has claimed that he fears for his life after being threatened by 'men in black' – and no, not the Will Smith kind.

The former soldier says that he was targeted after his navy unit had a close encounter with a UFO while undertaking a humanitarian mission.

If that weren’t scary enough, Michael Herrera claims that mysterious helicopters now lurk over his home on a regular basis.

Herrera was among a group of marines who discovered the strange spacecraft.
YouTube/The Shawn Ryan Show

Whilst many people want to believe, even the most ardent conspiracy theorist might have a hard time with this one – as it resembles the plot of Predator.

Just like the Arnie Schwarzenegger film, the marine found himself part of a rescue mission – heading to help those affected by the 2009 Sumatra earthquake.

As they made their way through the thick jungle however, the group stumbled upon a meeting between an alien craft and US officials.

His unit was then allegedly ‘ambushed’ by the mysterious military group, who searched them at gunpoint and quickly confiscated their cameras.

According to the former soldier, the other unit was dressed in black as they interrogated the men, warning them not to tell others about the flying saucer they had seen.

Though most of us would have never mentioned the incident again, Herrera has given an in-depth interview on The Shawn Ryan Show podcast.

During this, the ex-marine confessed that he fears for his life after he has been harassed by the US military, with helicopters flying over his home.

Having had the close encounter, the former solider now fears for his life.
YouTube/The Shawn Ryan Show

“I've had numerous encounters with f**king helicopters hovering over my house… they were hovering over my dad's house too," he admitted, adding that the walls ‘rattle’ and that the family dogs are terrified of them.

Even more disturbing, he claims that the aircraft are often unmarked so he’s unable to confront his intimidators.

“There’s just a kind of hysterical factor to this how much money they're f**king spending on this to happen to try to either intimidate me or anybody else for that matter,” he explained.

“There's some elected officials, and even some government officials I know they’re having the same thing happen to them because they've told me about it personally.”

However, the ex-Marine says he’s not giving up without a fight and is now turning to the government informants to help discover who is sending in the choppers.

He now hopes the aircraft can be tracked, as they would need to fly through Denver Airport to get to Herrera's home.

Perhaps we need to get the former Governor of California on the case?

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/Shawn Ryan Show

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