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OnlyFans model charged with murdering her boyfriend 'threatened to burn down teen’s house' after he rejected her
Featured Image Credit: Miami Dade Corrections and Rehab/ Instagram/ @courtneytailor

OnlyFans model charged with murdering her boyfriend 'threatened to burn down teen’s house' after he rejected her

A local who lives near Courtney Clenney's parents has accused her of threatening his teenage son.

Former OnlyFans model Courtney Clenney faces fresh accusations while awaiting trial after being charged with murdering her boyfriend.

In April 2022, boyfriend Christian Obumseli was found stabbed to death at his and Clenney's condo in Edgewater, Miami.

Clenney - who went by the name Courtney Tailor on social media - was later arrested in August 2022 and accused of second-degree murder with a deadly weapon - a charge she has pleaded not guilty too, her attorneys arguing she was acting in self-defence.

Last week, Clenney's parents were also arrested, accused of trying to concel evidence.

The 27-year-old has also now found herself accused of 'threatening to burn down [a] teen's house'.

After Obumseli's death, Clenney reportedly moved to her parents' house in Austin, Texas.

A resident who lives locally to the model's parents' residence has since come forward, telling NBC Miami about an alleged interaction their teenage son had with Clenney.

The OnlyFans model was reportedly out for a walk in the neighborhood when she saw the local's son and 'approached him'.

The father - called Jovan - told the outlet: "She approached him, what my son said, visibly intoxicated. And she’s like, hey, what’s your name?"

And the alleged interaction didn't stop there.

Courtney Clenney has been charged over the murder of her boyfriend Christian Obumseli.

According to the father, Clenney asked the 18-year-old to walk her home and he agreed.

However, the OnlyFans model reportedly then asked him to kiss her.

Jovan says his son declined to kiss her, to which Clenney allegedly responded: "'If you don't kiss me ... I’m gonna burn the house. I’m gonna burn that s**t down.' That's what she said — 'I'm going to burn that s**t down'."

The dad says his son then texted him and he came to meet him, facing Clenney himself.

Jovan alleges Clenney then pushed him, admitting he pushed her back before ringing the police, however 'because [he] was standing between her and [his] son' the OnlyFans model then allegedly 'approached [him] and started slapping [him]'.

"She freaked out," he claims.

The former OnlyFans content creator has been in custody since her August 2022 arrest.
WPLG Local 10

Police reports seen by NBC Miami confirm deputies responded to an incident involving Clenney in the Austin area.

The reports showed Jovan describing a woman who was 'stumbling everywhere'.

Clenney's mom, Deborah, is also reported as having chatted with a deputy who arrived at the scene, telling them her daughter had gone out to walk the dogs.

The report states, as per NBC Miami: "When asked if Courtney was intoxicated, Deborah advised she believed she was. Deborah further stated Courtney should not be consuming alcohol as she does not respond well with her.

"Deborah then explained that Courtney recently moved back to the area and was staying with them until she moves into her own home next week.

"Deborah further advised Courtney will be entering outpatient treatment for alcohol starting Monday."

The OnlyFans model will face trial in Florida.

The reports state Clenney 'adamantly denied shoving anyone and stated that was not in her character'.

The former OnlyFans creator allegedly 'became emotional' and said she'd 'been going through a really hard time lately'.

Neither Jovan nor his son pressed charges, however the dad reflects if he'd known about Obumseli's death at the time, he would've responded differently.

Clenney currently remains behind bars and is awaiting trial.

UNILAD has contacted Courtney Clenney's representatives and Austin Police Department for comment.

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