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Everyone is asking the same thing after finding out conjoined twin Abby Hensel is married
Featured Image Credit: Access Hollywood / Page Six via YouTube

Everyone is asking the same thing after finding out conjoined twin Abby Hensel is married

The happy news has everyone asking the same question

US conjoined twin Abby Hensel has married US Army veteran Josh Bowling and their nuptials have everyone saying the same thing.

Abby and Brittany Hensel rose to fame after they first made an appearance on an episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show in 1996 when they were just six-years-old. Their fame continued as they landed their own reality TV show on TLC, detailing how they live their lives through study, travelling from the US to Europe and navigating relationships.

Amy married US veteran Josh Bowling and the marriage has everyone asking the same question.

Public records have now revealed that Abby has now wed, after she married husband, Josh Bowling, in 2021 according to Today.

The happy celebrations were shared online, with one photo showing the twins in a stunning white dress across from Abby's husband, donning a light grey suit. In another, Abby can be seen beaming alongside Britanny in a white dress with friends either side and others have seen them posing with Josh and beaming for the camera.

Yet now the nuptials are announced, it's caused a few questions around logistics and specifically whether Josh is just married to Abby or technically Brittany too. The women are joined at the torso, with each person controlling their half of the body, though some features differ, such as Brittany being slightly shorter.

Abby married Josh in 2021.

With the complications of conjoined twins and the recent news of Abby's marriage, it seems like social media users all have the same concern.

Writing on social media, one person wrote: "How does this unfold legally? Since they are two people married to one man, who is on the marriage certificate?"

Another user responded as they added: "Ngl, for some reason, I was expecting there to be two guys.

"Having only the one guy makes it more confusing. What if they fight? What if one h/w set wants to divorce and the other doesn't?"

"One of the many, many, maaaany questions I have," said a third.

People have all been asking the same question.

A fourth gave clarity as they wrote, "One of the twins will be the legal spouse as far as the state is concerned. So it is theoretically possible that the other twin could someday decide to marry a different person. But given the way they have had to harmonize their entire lives, I imagine they would find it easier to stick to being married to just one person."

So far, the happy couple have not revealed the technicalities of their relationship, or how their marriage works behind closed doors.

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