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Bottle service girl in Las Vegas reveals why her job is a lot 'grosser' than people think

Bottle service girl in Las Vegas reveals why her job is a lot 'grosser' than people think

It's not all glamour in Las Vegas nightclubs

A waitress from Las Vegas has shared the ins and outs of her job, detailing the gross sides as well as the good.

Carrie, a 'bottle girl' - or model cocktail waitress to you and me - who works at Omnia Nightclub inside Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, shared the trials and tribulations her role entails.

She started working there back in 2015, when the club originally opened, and has remained there ever since. However, getting the job in the first place wasn't all that easy.

Apparently interviewees wait in line before they have a polaroid photo taken (front and back) and they're faced with a panel. Here, they'll answer questions like their name, whether they've done bottle service before etc - as it's a chance for the business to see your personality. Then, if you're successful, you'll get a callback for a more formal interview.

Successful applicants then get to work there and earn tips which are evenly distributed across the team.

Sounds simple right? Well, unfortunately, as you can imagine, when people get drunk, there's been plenty of opportunities for guests to be very rude

"The worst is when people accidentally burn you with their cigarettes," Carrie told Business Insider. "If you're responsible enough to be able to smoke, you should be responsible enough not to burn people."

Carrie detailed life as a 'bottle girl' in Las Vegas.

Carrie describes the job as 'a lot grosser than people realise' as there's often people throwing up, breaking glasses and generally being annoying and rude.

There's also the issue of sexual harassment.

"Women can be just as bad as men. The boundaries just aren't there, and sometimes they just don't understand that it's your job," explained Carrie.

She said that the bottle girls at Omnia don't drink at the venue, but there's often customers trying to push it onto them.

"They'll say something like 'I love your dress' and just grab your dress. That's not something you would do to an employee if you were at Target or the grocery store," she added.

She explained that the job does have some perks, like watching 'free' concerts.

Carrie explained that some of her colleagues are uncomfortable with physical touches, such as handshakes and high fives, are they're not sure where people's hands have been in a nightclub.

Despite the sometimes awful, uncomfortable moments of being a bottlegirl in Las Vegas, Carrie says she gets to see some of the best DJs and entertainment acts in the world because of her job.

'I've seen Matchbox Twenty and Iggy Azalea play at private events. You're basically getting a free concert anytime you work.'

Featured Image Credit: Credit: @carrieooos/Instagram

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