Incredible footage shows Ukrainian military helicopters flying low to avoid Russia’s anti-aircraft missiles

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Incredible footage shows Ukrainian military helicopters flying low to avoid Russia’s anti-aircraft missiles

Featured Image Credit: Defense of Ukraine/Twitter.

Incredible new footage has emerged of Ukrainian aircraft flying just metres above the road in order to remain undetected by Russian forces.

The latest Ukrainian military tactic that sees them avoid anti-aircraft missiles has left people in awe.

In a video posted by the official Defence of Ukraine Twitter account, a Ukrainian ‘Dragonfly’ aircraft can be seen flying just a few metres above oncoming cars.


Nerves of steel from those pilots.

The tweet is captioned: “Welcome to Ukraine.”

The Ukrainian government department later explained exactly why the military vehicles were flying so close to danger.

Posting a video of a pilot’s point of view of the expedition, the tactic seems even more outrageous.

They tweeted: “For those who missed our videos with helicopters, here is a new one.

“A five-metre altitude flight makes it impossible for the enemy’s anti-aircraft defence to shoot down our ‘dragonflies’.”

And it’s safe to say people were left stunned online.

One tweeted: “That’s definitely years of training respect for the fighter pilot.”

Another said: “Traffic on Ukrainian highways has been different lately.”

A third added: “Ukrainian pilots have some serious skills!”

Meanwhile, the Ukrainian Territorial Defence Forces account quipped: “At least he was in his lane.”

People have speculated that the aircraft is a Mil Mi-24, which is a Russian creation that has been in productionn since the Soviet Union.

Business Insider reports that the Ukrainian military has been using the Russian’s own machines against them in the Battle of Hostomel and an audacious raid on their invader’s soil.

The release of this footage comes after a Russian warplane crashed into an apartment building in Russia, leaving 13 people dead and at least 19 wounded.

Officials said the aircraft was on a training mission when the crash occurred on 18 October.

It crashed into the apartment building in Yeysk, a town near the Russian border, and is believed to have been a Su-34, a fighter-bomber used to strike targets in Ukraine.

Both pilots were able to safely eject and footage of one of them being untangled from their parachute by locals had him saying he wasn't shot down.

Firefighters were called to the scene to tackle the blaze, with their efforts to quell the flames requiring 410 people to accomplish and described as a 'difficult' task 'because of the large flames and smoke'.

The official version of the story is that the plane crashed during a training flight even though the Su-34 was loaded with live ammunition.

According to the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine, Russian aircraft losses total 271 vehicles.

Meanwhile, Ukrainian forces have destroyed 190 anti-aircraft warfare systems.

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