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Former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey says ‘it all went south’ when company was sold to Elon Musk

Former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey says ‘it all went south’ when company was sold to Elon Musk

Former CEO Jack Dorsey criticised the sale of Twitter to Elon Musk after Twitter changed features and sacked staff

The former CEO of Twitter has shared his doubts about Elon Musk’s capabilities as the new owner of the social media platform.

Twitter has been facing a particularly rocky few months, with hundreds of layoffs and the chaotic introduction of Twitter Blue, which saw mass backlash as celebs lost their blue ticks.

Now, Twitter co-founder of Twitter Jack Dorsey has said the new CEO isn't what's best for the company.

Posting his thoughts to Bluesky, an alternative social media platform to the blue bird, he said that it 'all went south' when it was sold to the SpaceX billionaire.

Jack Dorsey criticises Elon Musk.
@jack / Twitter

Replying candidly to a user who wanted to know whether Elon was the best option to lead Twitter, he simply replied: “No.”

He then went on to explain that: “Nor do I think he acted right after realizing his timing was bad. Nor do I think the board should have forced the sale. It all went south.”

Since the selling of Twitter, Jack has backed Bluesky and currently sits on its board.

The platform was first announced as an alternative social media space in 2019, with Dorsey planning to fund a 'small independent team' which aimed to build a decentralized network for social media.

Three years later in 2021, Bluesky then formed its own company with the help of Twitter’s funding with Jay Graber as CEO.

Though the posts written by Jack may be critical of Elon, they certainly aren’t the first words he has written against the Tesla CEO since the acquisition.

For example, the Twitter co-founder took to another decentralised platform called Nostr, to share his opinion on a technical fault at Twitter.

Elon is known for his sudden Twitter changes.
elonmusk / Twitter

He wrote: “Twitter went from real time to 1 minute delay.”

This was in reference to an issue with real-time tweeting which stopped users tweeting but didn’t stop them scheduling tweets for one minute in the future.

Despite his current comments, when Elon originally made the $44 billion deal to acquire Twitter, he said that the Tesla owner was a 'singular solution' for the company.

After the deal was finally closed, Twitter has faced a lot of changes.

A mass layoff took place soon after the new CEO was announced, as well as feature changes and changing content-moderation policies.

On Saturday, another alteration to the platform was announced by Elon which will include publishers having the right to charge per article.

Elon Musk bought Twitter in a 44billion dollar deal.
elonmusk / Twitter

He wrote: “Rolling out next month, this platform will allow media publishers to charge users on a per article basis with one click.

“Should be a major win-win for both media orgs & the public.”

UNILAD has contacted Elon Musk's representatives for comment.

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