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Passengers scream as airplane ‘falls from the sky’ during bad weather
Featured Image Credit: TikTok/minimerwin

Passengers scream as airplane ‘falls from the sky’ during bad weather

Their flight struggled to get through turbulence and it was a scary experience for those on the flight

The moment a cabin full of plane passengers screamed as their flight fell 'from the sky' during a period of turbulence was captured and posted to TikTok.

Anyone who's flown up, up and away into the skies will know that at times it can be quite the bumpy ride if the weather is bad and you hit a spot of turbulence.

Sometimes this will just be a bit of a rumble but there are moments when the weather is really bad and it can make planes drop in altitude, though turbulence being able to actually crash a plane is incredibly rare.

TikToker Allie Merwin captured a recent incident on a Spirit Airlines flight she was on where her plane hit turbulence and dropped, causing everyone on board to scream.

Fortunately the video showed that their scary ordeal was mercifully brief and after a few seconds people were reassuring their fellow passengers that 'it's ok'.

The passengers could feel the plane drop in turbulence.

It's not clear where the flight departed from or where it was going but Allie said they'd 'sat on the tarmac' for four hours before taking off and the weather was still bad enough to give everyone on board a scare.

Her video has since gone viral, with over seven million people giving it a look and plenty of those wanted to share their own experiences.

Some said they'd had bad experiences themselves, though for many nowhere near as bad as the turbulence Allie and her fellow passengers went through.

One person said they 'love turbulence' and another said to them it was like 'being on a roller coaster', a third said they'd 'pretend I'm in jello' when this happens, so perhaps next time remember that tip.

Others weren't quite so cheery, with one saying she had to 'go on an airplane in less than a week' and another adding that they were 'terrified of planes now'.

Plenty of planes have a scary struggle through turbulence if they hit a patch of bad weather, with the bumpy ride potentially leaving passengers injured and in need of a trip to the hospital.

This scary sequence occurred on board a Spirit Airlines flight, but luckily all was fine.
Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images

There have been flights where passengers have claimed that crews told them to delete all evidence of the difficulties with turbulence after a flight had to make an emergency landing earlier this year.

Footage from inside the cabin showed belongings thrown all over the place, while passengers suffered injuries as the plane suddenly dropped before rising again sharply.

Fortunately, planes are designed to survive these sorts of things and the pilots have been trained to deal with such an eventuality.

That being said, there are some words you definitely don't want to be hearing on your flight which can be code for something going badly wrong.

If you ever hear your pilot say one of the engines is 'indicating improperly' that means it's failed, but fortunately a failed engine is something pilots are trained to deal with and doesn't mean you're about to drop out of the sky.

While that sounds like a really bad thing the most likely result is that you're either going to have to land for a bit at another airport or your pilot might decide to push on and just get to the destination anyway.

Happy flying!

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