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Man has bizarre side effect after living on cruise ship for more than 20 years

Man has bizarre side effect after living on cruise ship for more than 20 years

While life at sea was 'made for' him, it's had a pretty drastic effect on his body

A Royal Caribbean cruise resident of more than 20 years has revealed the bizarre side effect he's developed as a result.

For many people, a cruise is the ideal holiday. With endless on-board activities and all-inclusive food and drinks, you couldn't ask for much more.

In fact, some people love cruising so much that they choose to live on board.

One of those people is former international finance director Mario Salcedo, who started living on Royal Caribbean International cruise ships back in 2000.

Apart from a few minor breaks each year, as well as a 15-month hiatus during the coronavirus pandemic, he's lived out at sea for a whopping 20 plus years.

Mario first began his 'cruising career' in the year 1996, telling YouTuber Alannna Zingano that he tested out 10 different cruise lines and a staggering 150 cruises on 'approximately 70 ships' before deciding which one he'd eventually live on.

He eventually selected Royal Caribbean, noting the introduction of the 'game changer' Voyager of the Seas in late 1999 really won him over.

"This ship was made for me," he added.

Mario Salcedo has lived on Royal Caribbean International cruise ships for more than 20 years.
Royal Caribbean Blog

But, while the ship may've been 'made' for Mario, it turns out the human body isn't best made for being onboard a ship for over 20 years and his time at sea has led to a pretty bizarre side effect.

As a result of spending more than 9,000 nights on cruise ships as of 2022, Mario told Condé Nast Traveller that his legs now don't adapt too well on the rare occasion he steps foot on land.

He revealed: "I’ve lost my land legs, so when I’m swaying so much I can’t walk in a straight line."

In an interview with All Things Cruise Mario added: "I’m so used to be on ships that it feels more comfortable to me than being on land."

He admits that being at sea for so long has resulted in his legs not adapting too well to walking on land.
Royal Caribbean Cruise

In his lifetime, Mario has hopped aboard an impressive 1,100 cruises he predicts and reached 10,000 points in Royal Caribbean's Crown and Anchor Society, according to the Royal Caribbean blog.

But, the price of life on board has gone up over the years with Mario telling Zingano he pays $82,000 a year to live in an inside cabin onboard Royal Caribbean cruises.

He tells Royal Caribbean blog: "With so many friends and memories made out at sea over the years, I plan to continue cruising indefinitely so long as I’m in good health and having fun."

What more could you ask for?

Featured Image Credit: All Things Cruise

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