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Cruise ship worker shows off 'biggest room ever on a cruise ship' costing $30,000 a week
Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@bryanjamescruises

Cruise ship worker shows off 'biggest room ever on a cruise ship' costing $30,000 a week

The room is estimated at $30,000 per week

With the brisk wind and chilly evenings of the winter season finally rolling in, it's no surprise that some holiday-goers are already looking forward to next summer's vacation.

And for those who are partial to exploring the world by boat, there's a brand new uber-luxurious cruise cabin on offer.

Royal Caribbean cruise ship worker Bryan James has been sharing insights into the various amenities of the incredible commercial vessels he works on.

James, who works on the ship Wonder of the Seas, has previously given fans a glimpse into the claustrophobic realities of crew accommodation, and has even showed off where the captains stay.

And taking to TikTok this week, he has once again attracted huge media attention after letting fans into one of the biggest rooms on any cruise ship around the world.

Bryan James showed off the impressive room.

Captioning the video - which has already accumulated over 189,000 viewers - "I think it costs $30,000 dollars per week. Worth it," he left fans blown away.

"Okay I've shown you the cruise director's cabin, I've shown you what a typical crew member stays in, but I've never shown you this cabin," James teased.

Walking through some fire-engine red doors, viewers are immediately met with a jaw-dropping living room space, complete with plasma-screen TV.

The room also features an enormous balcony overlooking the ocean below, as well as a hanging hammock chair, and slide.

"This is the biggest room on the ship," James explained. "I think this might be the biggest room ever put on a cruise ship.

"First off, it's over 1,300 square feet, which makes it 40 times bigger than my room that I'm living in."

James then give viewers a reminder of the minuscule size of his living quarters for comparison.

"And it's not just about its size," he continued to gush over the impressive room. "There's so much going on in this room.

The room is estimated at $30,000 per week.

"There's a slide from the kids' bedroom down to the first floor, and if you're staying in this room and you're not like, super into the slide idea, you can just walk up and down these piano stairs instead, like I did 25 times.

"You can change the song that it plays too - looks like it also plays Taylor Swift, too."

Stepping out into the outside area, James went on: "And then to top it all off, you have this huge balcony.

"You've got your own hot tub, you have a personal butler on call 24/7."

"God, I wish I was rich," he admits.

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