Titanic Kate Winslet 'Alien' On Mars Is 'Proof Of Life', Expert Says

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Titanic Kate Winslet 'Alien' On Mars Is 'Proof Of Life', Expert Says

Featured Image Credit: Alamy/UFOSightingsDaily.com

NASA has released images online of what looks like a figure observing the Mars rover, and people are losing it.

The pictures seem to show an unusual figure lying down on a rock while observing the Mars rover.

Some UFO experts have claimed it's a sign of life on the red planet.

Figure on mars (UFOSightingsDaily.com)
Figure on mars (UFOSightingsDaily.com)

The original image was uploaded online by NASA in April last year, but was shared by UFO blogger Scott C. Waring on February 3.

Waring believes that the image is '100 per cent proof of intelligent life'.

Explaining how he came across the photo, he said, 'Everyone here knows I love to comb through NASA photos. Well, I came across something unique.'

He went on to describe the image, saying the figure seems to be a 'person laying down, watching the NASA Mars rover'.

Waring thought the figure looked to be 'about 1 foot tall' with a 'pinkish upper chest, neck and face, radish hair, wearing a dark suit'.

Sounds like a 2319 from Monsters Inc if you ask us.

However, Waring continued to say that 'there are even footprints behind the person leading up to the location they chose to lay down at'.

Figure on mars (UFOSightingsDaily.com)
Figure on mars (UFOSightingsDaily.com)

The Mirror suggested that the figures pose was 'similar to Kate Winslet in Titanic', which I can neither confirm or deny because I've never made it the whole way through the film.

People responded to Waring's blog with their own theories about the figure.

One person suggested it was two figures, saying, 'It looks like guy and girl in a sleeping bag. Most likely photograph manipulation.'

One claimed they could see another alien, writing, 'Same picture above, I found what I think is a small alien blending into the side of a rock. Almost like a chameleon. I will email you my screenshot if you are interested.'

Figure on mars (UFOSightingsDaily.com)
Figure on mars (UFOSightingsDaily.com)

One questioned the motives of the figure in question, quipping, 'Some shady voyeurism going on here, it's a Martian couple making out on the rocks, have some dignity Mr Waring, good job the Rover has a camera with the Zoom of a Nokia phone from the 90s.'

Another added, 'Other “experts” think that person is wearing one of those new K-mart pants suits. Excellent product placement K-mart!!!'

Other fans of the blog claimed it was 'Ziggy Stardust time travelling on his rounds'.

Either way, you could be looking at proof that there's a star man waiting in the sky after all.

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