Time Capsule Burger King Found Fully Intact Gives A Glimpse Into The 80s

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Time Capsule Burger King Found Fully Intact Gives A Glimpse Into The 80s

New photos showing a peek inside an old Burger King with the 1980s decor still in tact are giving people all the nostalgia.

Pictures of the old fast food joint situated in the Concord Mall in Wilmington, Delaware, recently surfaced on social media and sent people on a decades-long journey down memory road.

From the walls to the floors and even the booths, everything about the place just screams 80s in the most perfect way, it's practically jumped right out of Stranger Things.

Credit: Pixabay
Credit: Pixabay

There's a very good reason this Burger King has been perfectly preserved like a time capsule, and that's because this particular joint closed down in 2009.

Since then it's been walled off to the general public and all but unused for more than a decade, meaning it's undergone no renovations or updates that would have robbed it of that 80s charm.

While getting a look inside is like unearthing a time capsule, a well preserved snapshot of another time, there's also a hint of sadness about the place being empty and unloved for so long.


That's not to say the retro Burger King has been standing idle for more than 10 years, as other outlets at the mall have been able to make something of the fast food restaurant.

Over time new uses have been found for the old space, with someone spotting the pictures of the old place posted on social media chipping in to say it had been their storage room a few years ago.

Someone else claiming to be a security guard at the mall said the space is used by the cleaning staff to run hoses through when they need to water the building's plants.


The photos, originally taken by Jonathan Pruitt, captured a snapshot of a time long gone that has been sealed off from most people for years.

Internet interest in the retro Burger King could trigger a comeback for the abandoned restaurant, with mall manager Tom Dhalke telling Today he would love to see it become a 'retro space'.

While no bids to take over the space and take customers back in time have come yet, they are hoping someone gets on the phone and makes them an offer they can't resist.


Who knows, in another 35 years' time someone might uncover a McDonald's or Burger King that looks the way it does today and be overcome with a wave of nostalgia for the way they look now.

Just think, behind all of those walled off storefronts that closed and never found a new owner is a little capsule of time quietly preserved away from all the hustle and bustle of modern life.

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