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TikToker on Royal Caribbean's extravagant 9-month world cruise wants to ‘press charges’ over clothing complaint
Featured Image Credit: TikTok/ @marcsebastianf/ Royal Caribbean

TikToker on Royal Caribbean's extravagant 9-month world cruise wants to ‘press charges’ over clothing complaint

The influencer also says he wants to see some people 'behind bars'

A TikToker has shared their honest review of Royal Caribbean's nine-month cruise and it's left people in stitches.

Royal Caribbean's nine-month ultimate world cruise Serenade of the Seas set sail on 10 December, 2023.

One of the passengers onboard the ship is influencer Marc Sebastian, who's previously spoken out about 'hating' the experience despite just being on there for an 18-night gifted trip.

And apparently the TikToker has another 'pressing' issue to settle with the cruise company now too.

Marc has used his TikTok platform to give followers detailed updates about life onboard the cruise, as well as his honest opinion about what the cruise could be doing better.

In a previous video, Marc complained the shower was 'super small' and the available temperatures weren't to his liking either.

And the influencer's issues with the expensive ship don't end there either, oh no, the gloves - but not his hat it would seem - are very much off.

Marc Sebastian has said he 'hates' being onboard the ship.

Earlier this week, Marc uploaded another video which actually complimented a guy hanging around the dock pointing out a group of sea lions.

Alas, the praise was swiftly followed by a complaint.

In the clip, he says: "Next, I will be pressing charges for the simple fact that the only irons or steaming devices that are available upon the ship are in the laundry room.

"And you know what's so funny? Is the only people who have access to the laundry room are the people who are World Cruisers who are on here for all nine months."

The influencer joked he's going to 'press charges' against Royal Caribbean.

The TikToker explains he's only here as a 'baby legger' and so if he wanted to have a 't-shirt or something ironed that's been in [his] suitcase for two weeks' he would ultimately have to pay.

"Like eight bucks," he adds.

Marc notes he understands the irons could easily be a fire hazard, but calls upon Royal Caribbean to find a way for people onboard the ship to have items 'affordably pressed'.

Another thing to add, Marc notes, is the lack of flowers onboard, alongside anyone who calls themselves a 'pit' - 'pinnacle in training'.

The influencer even jokes he actually wants to see the 'pits' 'behind bars'. Warning: Explicit content:

The TikToker is obviously joking about literally pressing charges against Royal Caribbean and starting a lawsuit, but people have still flooded to the comments to weigh in on his complaints, finding the video utterly hilarious.

One user said: "Please apply for Big Brother. That is if production hasn’t reached out already."

"You were the perfect person to send on this cruise," another added.

And a third commented: "This is all I need from the cruise. Someone else sponsor him so he can stay."

UNILAD has contacted Royal Caribbean for comment.

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