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People left stunned by 13-year-old’s extensive Christmas wish list
Featured Image Credit: TikTok / krystianatiana

People left stunned by 13-year-old’s extensive Christmas wish list

The teenager created a whole powerpoint presentation

Remember the days when you would circle the items you wanted for Christmas in a catalogue?

Well, Gen Z kids have upped their game and started doing whole powerpoint presentations for their parents on what they'd like as presents.

Content creator Krystiana is a mom-of-five, and this year, her 13-year-old daughter Ava made a presentation detailing what she wants Santa to bring this Christmas - even including a key so they knew which items she really wanted.

At the beginning of the video, the youngster stands in living room by a big TV where she'd set up the powerpoint.

The teen's presentation was made up of several slides.

"Here is my Christmas wish list," she said proudly in the TikTok clip.

On the first slide were some 'stocking stuffers' including fluffy socks, some hair clips and a bracelet.

"How much is the bracelet?" the teen's dad could be heard asking in the background.

"Urm... that doesn't matter," Ava replied, but we can tell you that the piece of Van Cleef jewellery retails at £3,950 ($4,977).


Other so-called stocking fillers included make-up, while bigger gifts she asked for were UGG boots, UGG slippers, Nike Air Force 1s, clothes, the now-viral Stanley cup, an Apple Watch and a $70 hoodie.

Here's hoping her parents have well-paid jobs...

Krystiana's video has been viewed millions of times since she uploaded it yesterday (November 25), and people are floored by the things her daughter was asking for - the bracelet in particular.

"A Van Cleef bracelet as a STUFFER?!" someone said.

Another person echoed: "Casually throws in a van cleef hahaha."

Meanwhile, others applauded Ava for the effort she went to.

Someone wrote: "I'm just impressed with this lol."

"The organization," praised another, while a third added: "The girl knows what she wants! Gotta give her credit."

Another person gushed: "She gave her intro, body and conclusion AND sited references! That’s an A+ paper lol."

Ava's wish list included a $5k bracelet.

Away from Ava's list, people also complemented Krystiana on her beautiful living room which boasted a huge corner sofa and massive TV.

Decorations wise, the family have a ginormous nutcracker (that was twice the size of Ava), as well as a beautiful Christmas tree.

"Just looking at the tv, I can tell I’m not in the same tax bracket," someone joked.

"The living room tells me everything I need to know," quipped another.

"Based off the look of this living room she probably will get everything listed lol." a third said, to which Krystiana replied: "In her dreams."

I wouldn't mind a home like theirs for Christmas.

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