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Island Boys' Flyysoulja says he has no sexual feelings for his brother after tongue kissing video

Island Boys' Flyysoulja says he has no sexual feelings for his brother after tongue kissing video

After showing a video of themselves kissing, the Island Boys claim that they have no sexual feelings towards each other

Can you really say that you don’t have romantic feelings for someone if you go in for a snog on film?

Well, what about if you’re also twin brothers?

This is the conundrum that TikTokers and hip-hop stars The Island Boys are facing after posting a video on 13 July that showed them necking on for fans.

After setting up their OnlyFans account, brothers Franky and Alex Venegas, who use aliases of Kodiyakredd and Flyysoulja, have been accused of 'incest baiting' after sharing some pretty wild pictures of them both together to promote Alex’s account.

The Island Boys kissed in a viral video.

Such instances include a picture shared by Alex where he asks followers: "Woah should I kiss him?"

With fans bringing their pitchforks and torches in full force over the strange sibling behaviour, it didn’t seem to put them off one bit.

In fact, it only seemed to bring them that much closer.

But closer was not something that should have been achieved, as a video this week was uploaded and shows the brothers French-kissing with tongues and face-grabs to Twitter with the caption: “Make out [kiss mark emoji].”

After trying to defend himself and his brother, Alex is adamant that there’s nothing sexual happening between the pair, no matter how it looks online.

Even after they smooched, Flyysoulja (Alex) spoke to TMZ about what is really doing on, which went exactly how you think it would go.

Apparently, he’s no stranger to kissing his brother, and he doesn’t have plans to stop, either.

In a move no one really could have predicted, Flyysoulja adamantly claimed that he has no sexual feelings towards his brother, even though there is a digital footprint with the pair tashing on.

But he took it a little too far when he let a skeleton in the closet pop out that should have stayed put.

He admitted that he’s no stranger to his brother’s mouth.

He said that he’d do it again, adding: "We're both straight males and kissing is not counted as a sexual act," though I’m sure there’s a law somewhere that disagrees.

Flyysoulja also says that they initially put up the clip on Twitter for another reason, and the excuse is a little bizarre.

He claimed that he wanted to see 'how f***ed up this world is'.

Citing his community outreach efforts and work he does for those in need, the twin scornfully said that the attention he has been receiving from fans about his incestual acts isn’t on the same level as the good he does for others.

He went on to say that he has been sharing clips for months of him giving to the homeless but decided to take it down as he wasn’t getting the views or traction.

Still, it’s a pretty weird way to get views.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/Flyysoulja

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