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Island Boys shock fans as the brothers post video of themselves tongue kissing

Island Boys shock fans as the brothers post video of themselves tongue kissing

The pair did not hold back

TikTokers and hip-hop duo The Island Boys left viewers shocked as they apparently took their relationship to the next step by making out with one another.

This might not be all that surprising for a pair of collaborators, if they weren't related.

Yep, the Island Boys are twin brothers - they shared a womb, and yet they still decided to go in all tongues blazing in a video shared online yesterday (13 July).

Just last month, brothers Franky and Alex Venegas, who also go by Kodiyakredd and Flyysoulja, were accused of 'incest baiting' after Alex shared a number of photos of them together to promote his OnlyFans account.

In one image, they posed as if going in for a kiss, with Alex asking followers: "Woah should I kiss him?"

The pair only got closer in the subsequent photos, and though they didn't actually kiss on the lips in the images, that was enough to spark backlash from fans.

One baffled person wrote: "My question since I just realized these are the Island Boys is why are they doing only fans… they’re BROTHERS. I get family love is a thing but like my guy I think this is going too far.

"This is what we in the club call 'incest'."

Just to remind you, these are brothers.

Clearly, however, the criticism hasn't been enough to put the brothers off getting close to one another. In fact, it only looks to have spurred them on.

The video shared this week shows the brothers full-on kissing, tongues and all, and was shared on Twitter with the caption: “Make out [kiss mark emoji].”

It comes as Alex again attempts to promote his OnlyFans account, with Franky also jumping on the bandwagon as he shared his own tweet urging fans to subscribe if they wanted to 'see some action'.

The Island Boys have been accused of 'incest baiting'.
Twitter/ @islandboyflyy

I'm not exactly sure whether this method to gain subscribers on OnlyFans was successful, but it did definitely spark some outrage on Twitter.

Responding to the video, one horrified person wrote: "what in the f**k is going on?!"

Another baffled person added: "This is so sick. Y’all are BROTHERSSSS. Hell y’all can make some actual real money kissing another dude... Y’all can do that before this. Kissing and licking each OTTHEERRRRR [sic]."

Alex attempted to defend himself and his brother after their video made it to media personality Akademiks' Instagram page, after which he popped up in the comments section claiming the clip was all for attention.

“Hahahaa I got everyone paying attention I knew it [crying face emojis],” he wrote.

In another comment, he added: “So it took a kiss for everybody to pay attention? I guess selling your soul is real.”

Does that mean you should do it though? Probably not.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/Flyysoulja

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