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Woman explains why the ‘orange peel’ theory is so important in a relationship
Featured Image Credit: Annabhamm/TikTok/Daniel Day/Getty Images

Woman explains why the ‘orange peel’ theory is so important in a relationship

The TikToker took to the app to explain why the so-called 'Orange Peel Theory' could be an important gauge in a relationship

A woman has explained the so-called 'Orange Peel Theory' which has been trending on social media.

There's a few food-related dating theories floating out there at the moment.

From Doritos making people end their relationships to even the word 'food' factoring into a relationship's downfall, it seems that food has left a lot of people reevaluating their love life.

So, what does the orange peel theory mean for our relationships?

Well, the theory is about using a seemingly insignificant act to gauge someone's approach to a relationship.

It's been touted as a way to 'test' your relationship with a significant other by seeing how they react to a simple request.

It's been doing the rounds on social media lately, with people sharing their takes on it and how it could help them with their relationship - or not.

But how exactly does this theory work?

Would your partner pass the Orange Peel test?
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Well, the scenario is that you have to ask your significant other to peel you an orange - even though you would be fine doing it yourself.

Yup, it's really that simple.

But the important bit of this test is gauging someone's reaction to peeling the orange.

TikToker Anna Birmingham explained: "The orange peel theory basically describes that when your partner does an act of service for you, that's something that you are perfectly capable of doing on your own.

"This is for really small stuff. Like, for example, peeling an orange."

She offered an example, saying: "Let's say that for whatever reason, I hate peeling my oranges, but I really like oranges. I asked my partner Hey, babe, would you mind feeling is orange for me."

This is the important part; how your partner reacts to the request.

Anna said: "They can either respond with, of course love, like not a problem at all.

"Or they can say no, you are perfectly capable of feeling that on yourself, or maybe my partner already knows that I really don't f**k with citrus and has the orange already peeled and prepared for me."

So, the response is tied to their broader attitude as Anna further explained: "Either way, their response is indicative of much bigger things than just merely peeling an orange because even just a super tiny thing like that reveals so much about their attitude toward you and your relationship."

And people took to the comments to share their own experience with variations of the 'Orange Peel Test'.

One wrote: "My husband always makes me separate scrambled eggs bc he knows I don’t like them fried, even tho he does"

Another replied: "My husband loves oranges but HATES peeling them so I peel them for him. But if I asked him to peel one for me, he would in a heartbeat."

A third posted: "My husband cuts the ends of the grapes off for me because he noticed that I never ate the part that connected to the stem."

Would your significant other pass the Orange Peel Test?

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