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Man breaks down five-year relationship that fell apart by sharing most-used words in texts for each year
Featured Image Credit: Alena Darmel / Edmond Dantès / Pexels

Man breaks down five-year relationship that fell apart by sharing most-used words in texts for each year

A Reddit user posted his data-led results to the popular DataIsBeautiful thread.

A Reddit user has opted to dig deep into his old flame’s text messages to uncover why their relationship ended in a split.

A study from OnePoll has revealed that the average American adult is expected to tumble through three major break-ups during their life.

Research also claims that more than a year and a half of these people’s lives will be spent pondering the past before eventually getting over their partners.

The man shared the most used words in his texts with his former partner (stock image).

After a tough split, it’s natural to take a trip down memory lane and scroll through old texts with your ex.

However, it’s less common to study these messages, jot down recurring words and share your results with social media, right?

Well, one Reddit user did exactly that and scanned messages between himself and his former SO.

After diving into five years’ worth of correspondence, the Reddit user found the most popular words used and presented the data in word cloud form.

The first image, shared to the popular DataIsBeautiful thread, was titled ‘Year 1: We met online’.

Some of the most common words used in the former couple’s texts included ‘haha, ‘good’, ‘food’, ‘weekend’ and ‘yeah’.

The second year of correspondence was captioned ‘Year 2: we moved in together’ and again featured the words ‘good’ and ‘haha’.

However, other stand-out words that were frequently shared in texts included the affectionate term ‘baby’, as well as ‘work’ and ‘morning’.

The third word cloud shared to Reddit featured similar phrases as well as the addition of ‘love’, ‘lunch’, ‘pizza’ and ‘Amazon’.

Interestingly the third year was captioned ‘Bliss’ so we can assume the pair were enjoying spending time with each other.

Reddit user u/canadianhoneycreeper and his ex-partner seemed to be getting serious with their relationship in the fourth year, which was captioned ‘Year 4: we got engaged’.

Reddit users noticed a clear shift in the words over the five-year period (stock image).

Affectionate pet names such as ‘bub’ began to filter through, as well as the words ‘movie’, ‘dinner’, and various flowery adjectives such as ‘amazing’.

However, things seemingly took a dramatic turn in the fifth and final year of their relationship.

The Reddit user captioned the fifth slide ‘Year 5: She demanded a third move, then she kicked me out.’

Unfortunately, it’s not totally clear in the original post what went down between the two of them because the most-used words in the fifth year still included ‘okay’, ‘good’, and ‘hopefully’.

After the couple’s split, there was another word cloud entitled: “Year 6: We tried to resolve things, then catastrophe struck”.

This sixth year frequently featured words such as 'want', 'know', 'just', 'sure', 'yeah', 'think' and 'okay'.

The final slide saw the Reddit user compiling the pair’s most used words across their relationship.

Here we can see the words they texted to each other during their dating phase, their engagement and their subsequent breakup.

The biggest hits included: ‘okay', 'haha', 'good' and 'baby'.

Reddit users have been divided since the data-driven post was shared to the platform last year.

Some users have expressed their concern in the comments section while others were both impressed and shocked with the results.

“This reminds me of the guy who kept the spreadsheet of sex. Pretty weird,” wrote one Reddit user.

“At first we had ‘haha’, but then it became mostly ‘okay’:(," another said, while a third typed: "Went from ‘haha, baby’ to ‘yeah, okay’.”

Elsewhere, another Reddit user documented their theory about why the theme of the texts between the former couple changed over time.

They wrote: “I feel like my texts with my wife are like that because at first we talked a lot through text and now we mostly talk in person.

“Texting is either random I love you throughout the day or can you get this while you are out with ya, or ok as a response.”

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