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14-year-old boy tragically dies after being thrown from a bull during his first ever rodeo

14-year-old boy tragically dies after being thrown from a bull during his first ever rodeo

The teen suffered a cardiac arrest after the massive creature stomped down on his chest.

An American family is devastated after their 14-year-old boy was thrown from a bull during his first ever rodeo and killed.

Denim Bradshaw, 14, suffered a cardiac arrest during a bull riding contest in King, North Carolina, when he was thrown and trampled by the massive animal on January 28.

His mother, Shannon, revealed on social media that she woke up the morning after the horrific incident 'in a nightmare [that will last] for the rest of [her] life'.

The heartbroken mum added that her son had been 'so happy' the night before the event and that she was proud of him for being so brave.

Bull riding is a highly dangerous sport [Stock Image].
Nina Miller / Alamy

His sister, Persephone, has since set up a fundraiser for the family in the wake of the sudden loss of her 'sparkle' of a brother.

"Denim adventured into the world of bull riding and fell in love. The boots, the cowboy hats, and those big belt buckles - he loved it all," she said.

"He got to ride his first bull on January 28th, and his excitement was palpable.

"None of us could believe that this first ride would cause his death, and we are beyond devastated."

She added: "Our sweet 14-year-old boy lost his life during what was the most exciting moment of his short life, and we are now lost without him."

The GoFundMe page will help the family pay for the sudden funeral costs as they try to come to terms with what ended up as a tragic accident.

Rafter K Rodeo Co released a statement online to express their grief and horror over the occurrence at their event.

"Words cannot describe the pain felt," they said.

The teen was killed after the bull stomped on his chest [Stock Image].
Travelscape Images / Alamy Stock Photo

"Our sport is truly a family and we are so thankful for everyone that was there to help.

"We are thankful for our on-site EMT’s, paramedics and law enforcement that work so hard to care for the cowboys.

"This is a tragic event and words cannot describe the pain felt by this loss. We ask everyone to come together and pray for his family for comfort and healing in this difficult time."

Pictures from the scene show cowboys with their hats off and their heads bowed as the horrific enormity of the accident became clear to those in attendance.

Kind hearted folks from around the globe have already donated USD$20,865 (AUD$29,253, £16,862) to go towards Denim's memorial costs. You can donate here.

Featured Image Credit: Persephone Bowman/GoFundMe. Reuben Reynoso / Alamy Stock Photo