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Sushi restaurant responds after woman claims staff shamed her for ordering too much

Sushi restaurant responds after woman claims staff shamed her for ordering too much

The seafood restaurant was inundated with poor reviews after she claimed to have been food-shamed there

A restaurant has responded after a very unhappy customer took to TikTok and went viral with her complaints about her dining experience.

The Paper Crane Sushi Bar and Bistro, Ontario, was recently hit with a wave of bad reviews which has left them floundering after a woman claimed she'd been shamed for how much food she ordered there.

In her TikTok, Cassandra Mauro said staff at the sushi restaurant had said her table was ordering 'too much' food.

She said they'd been ordering when their server told them 'no, no no, too much food', and claimed they made an 'ugh' noise once the woman and her friend had done placing their order.

The restaurant manager allegedly then went over and asked the two women if they were hungry, before telling them they'd need to move to another table because they'd ordered so much.

The TikToker said staff had shamed her for apparently ordering too much at the sushi restaurant.

Cassandra then said that while they were eating a waitress came over to tell them one of their dishes was supposed to come with a side of rice but were asked: "Do you need that still?"

She said: "What do you mean? Now you're taking away food that we're actually paying for.

"Now we can't order more and you're taking away the stuff that we're literally paying for. Not to mention how offensive that is to someone to say 'do you still need that, like you kind of have a lot already'."

"Also we finished all of it. We paid and we tipped. Now I'm looking back on this whole interaction I'm like that was mortifying."

Her TikTok has gone viral and the sushi restaurant has been all at sea thanks to the poor reviews, with people calling them 'absolutely disgraceful', 'horrible' and criticising it as a place that could 'fat shame their customers'.


Awash with criticism, the restaurant has responded and appears to have accepted Cassandra's version of events, taking to Instagram to post a statement saying sorry.

Describing the past 24 hours as 'a whirlwind and something our family never expected to happen', they said they 'sincerely apologize for any comments that may have caused a negative experience.

The restaurant went on to say that many of their staff spoke English as a second language and it was 'never the intention of our staff to make you (or anyone) feel judged'.

They promised they had discussed the matter with their staff and that they were 'doing everything to fix the problem'.

As the statement continued they offered their 'sincerest apologies' and promised to do everything they could for their customers to have 'positive experiences'.

The statement also mentioned that among the backlash there had been 'threats and racially motivated harassment' so they had turned off the comments, reassuring diners that they were 'actively addressing the negative feedback' and not ignoring this.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@cassmauro/Instagram/@papercranesushi

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