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Budget airline launches $399 ‘all-you-can fly’ pass for the summer
Featured Image Credit: Ian Dagnall/Felipe Sanchez/Alamy

Budget airline launches $399 ‘all-you-can fly’ pass for the summer

Winter is coming to an end, so it's time to start thinking about your next holiday

We are slowly moving out of winter, and that faint glimmer of a light at the end of this dark and cold tunnel is staring back at us. Can you see it?

That means it's time to start thinking about the summer and where you're gonna be jetting off to.

But with things the way they are at the moment, we're all trying to tighten our belts a little.

And we've got some very good news to share that could help you save a few bucks on your next trip.

A US budget airliner is offering a special cut-price 'summer pass' for customers travelling with them this year.

Frontier Airlines is giving passengers the chance to get their hands on an unlimited number of flights between 2 May and 30 September. Yes, unlimited.

You could be jetting off into the sun very soon.
Fabrizio Troiani/Alamy

The pass entitles travellers to go between any of the airline's domestic and international destinations, which means you could be sunning yourself on a beach in Jamaica, the Dominican Republic or maybe Antigua. Which doesn't sound too bad, does it?

And that's not all.

The ticket is usually priced at $999, but as part of a limited offer it will now only set you back a paltry $399.

It also allows you to book a ticket at an airfare of just $0.01 on select flights operated by Frontier Airlines.

Sadly for those of us based in the UK, the pass is only available to US citizens.

Speaking about the Summer Pass, the airline's senior vice president, Daniel Shurz, said it was perfect for people who wanted to keep their options open over the coming months.

“Everyone loves summer vacation and, with the new GoWild! summer pass, you can enjoy even more of what you love," he said.

Frontier Airlines is offering a cut price summer pass.
Markus Mainka/Alamy

“For people with flexible schedules, this is a terrific opportunity to have a truly epic summer and then some, soaking up rays on the beach, exploring national parks and visiting new cities."

You can find more information out here.

Last year, a woman was awarded a whopping $3,000 to give up her seat on a Delta Air Lines flight that originally cost her just $358.

Megan Keaveny was waiting to be seated on a plane set to travel from LaGuardia Airport in New York to Florida’s West Palm Beach.

However, just at the last moment the airport announced that the flight was overbooked – and were offering $1,300 to any volunteers willing to give up their spots.

Megan was given $3,000 to give up her seat.

While many people might jump at the chance, Megan’s friends and boyfriend had already boarded and she decided she’d only offer up her seat if Delta paid her $2,000.

But by the time she’d entered the plane another announcement was made – the price had gone up to $2,500.

And if that weren’t good enough, once the New Yorker and a group of other volunteers had left, the sum had risen to a cool $3,000 – nearly ten times the price of her ticket.

Megan quipped: “I almost broke my neck sprinting down the aisle.”

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