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Student Who Dresses Like A Victorian Claims He Was Born In The Wrong Era

Student Who Dresses Like A Victorian Claims He Was Born In The Wrong Era

"I may be a Gen Z but mentally I am a 70-year-old"

A student who dresses up as a Victorian and is obsessed with all things 1800s says he was born in the wrong era. 

Xavier Layton from Texas, US, shares videos of his vintage lifestyle on Instagram and TikTok, and let’s just say he’s dedicated to the cause. 

As well as donning Victorian attire, the 20-year-old student makes ‘old timey’ music, having grown interested in historical style from a young age. 

But his love for formal fashion doesn’t come cheap, with his most expensive outfit costing almost £900 ($1059).is

Have a look at him getting suited and booted below:

Speaking about his unique lifestyle, Xavier said: "My family call me an old man on a regular basis, but I don't mind because it's true. 

“My parents are my biggest supporters, they help me find clothes and buy items for me for my birthday and at Christmas.

“They have supported my fashion taste since I was a child, they would let me choose my own clothes to wear from a young age, they are the kind of parents who stopped buying what they wanted me to wear and let me decide.”

Despite technically being a Gen Z, the student says that ‘mentally he’s a 70 year old’, adding: “I started dressing this way from 2018, when I was around 16 years old. It has just become so normal to me now.

Xavier Layton has a love for all things Victorian.

“I do think people look at me when they see me out. I think they tend to try and not look, or they will look really quickly and then carry on walking.

“When I do get comments, usually people think I am an actor on a film set or from a play. People will also stop me and tell me they love my outfit, or hey that’s a nice hat.”

Unfortunately Xavier’s unable to wear the full garb all the time due to the hot weather in Texas during summer, but for those days he can let’s just say this is not your run-of-the-mill t-shirt and jeans combo. 

“If I was dressing the whole outfit, I would wear a linen shirt as my base and that would also be considered as my underwear too,” he said. 

Even when he's not in the full attire the student still dresses formally.

“On top of that would be an high waisted pants held up with braces, usually made of wool or linen, and then over the shirt and pants would be a wool vest with a collar.

“I would then finish it off with a silk cravat, and if it isn’t too warm, my wool frock coat over the top. Oh and not forgetting my fur felt top hat, that was handmade in UK from rabbit fur.

“Some days I will have a ‘normal’ day but I will still be formal, this usually consists of a linen or silk button down shirt, trousers and a blazer.

“I have a job in a suit shop so I would wear clothes from there, so I am always quite smart.”

Although Xavier is interested in various periods throughout history, his number one is the Victorian era – particularly the 1840s – which he attributes to his love for Charles Dickens. 

Xavier has been interested in the Victorian era from a young age.

“When I’m not studying or working, I spend my days working on my social media profiles and creating new content,” he continued.  

“I have also tried my hand at making some clothes too. These items can get quite expensive as they’re not the kind of thing you would buy all at once, they’re more investments.

“My top hat is my most prized item, it was custom made in England by a lady who makes them in her home.

“The only other items I get from England are my shirt collars, but everything else I can find easily in the US.”

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Featured Image Credit: Caters

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