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Stripper Explains Why She Thinks She Can Predict Markets Better Than Bankers

Stripper Explains Why She Thinks She Can Predict Markets Better Than Bankers

A stripper has claimed she can predict financial markets better than bankers and reckons a recession is coming

A stripper is claiming she can understand financial markets better than the bankers we rely on for economic know-how.

The woman says strip clubs are 'sadly a leading indicator' of economic health, and if that's the case then we're in trouble, because she says they're currently very empty.

Indeed, she claims that we're already in a recession, which is very bad news for people who are struggling with a cost of living crisis and all sorts of other problems.

She also believes every stripper she knows is better at understanding the financial world than 'any finance bro or marketing exec'.

According to the New York Post, her predictions may be worth listening to, especially as a number of experts are also predicting that a recession is on the way.

In a series of Twitter posts using the handle @botticellibimbo she wrote: "We always have to be aware of fluctuations in the market and how upper class white men are behaving and spending their money.

"Ask ANY stripper we have to be aware of how rich people are going to spend their money, stripping is betting on how the rich spend their money. You’re gonna tell me that isn’t just a stock exchange?"

She explained that strip clubs were and the world of finance were 'deeply integrated' as they were where 'energy salesmen bring their clients' and 'recruiters bring prospective finance bros'.

Plenty agreed with her assessment of the financial situation, including someone who claims to be a 'mail carrier' and says they are seeing the signs of trouble in a lack of packages from one of their customers who runs a business from home.

Her predictions of a recession either looming or already being here are echoed by many experts in the financial world.

Dr Michael Burry – an investor who famously bet against the housing market ahead of the 2008 financial crash as depicted in the book and film The Big Short – has been among the voices predicting a recession.

Per Insider, he sees many people saving less and borrowing more, having burnt through their savings during the pandemic, and expects it to contribute to a drop in consumer spending.

Bloomberg reports that Dawn Fitzpatrick, chief executive officer has said a recession is 'inevitable' and that financial markets are preparing for one 'fairly soon'.

It may make for grim reading but the warnings are worth paying attention to.

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Featured Image Credit: botticellibimbo/Twitter/Alamy

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