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Father and daughter who said 'controversial' Super Bowl ad 'stole' their idea are rewarded with partnership
Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@sharavinaaa

Father and daughter who said 'controversial' Super Bowl ad 'stole' their idea are rewarded with partnership

The father and daughter duo claim Cetaphil 'stole their beautiful content' for a Super Bowl ad

After a TikTok duo accused a skincare company of 'stealing their beautiful content' for a Super Bowl advert, they came to a very unexpected resolution.

The Super Bowl weekend has sadly drawn to a close, with the Kansas City Chiefs taking on the victory for the second year in a row.

As always, the biggest sporting event of the year was full of drama, celebs and - of course - lots of innovative adverts that sure as hell cost companies a lot of dollar.

The Super Bowl weekend has drawn to a close, with the Kansas City Chiefs taking victory once more.
Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

But one company landed themselves in hot water after a pair of TikTokers accused them of 'stealing' their content.

Shannon Mbabazi and her stepfather took to their TikTok to share their frustration with sensitive skincare brand Cetaphil.

Using a soundbite from Euphoria and lip syncing along to 'is this f**king play about us?', the pair's video had the caption: "When Cetaphil’s Super Bowl commercial copies your TikToks."

Cetaphil's commercial revolves around a father and daughter coming together to watch the Super Bowl, with the dad trying to bond with the daughter by asking her about Taylor Swift in an effort to share common interests and peak her interest about the sport.

As everyone in the world will no doubt be aware, Swift was a huge focus of this year's NFL event, with her being present for many of the Chiefs' games to support boyfriend Travis Kelce.

Anyway, the Cetaphil ad concludes with: "This season, dads and daughters found a new way to connect. Let’s celebrate that GAME TIME glow." Check it out:

Sharon and her stepdad believed that Cetaphil had stolen the idea from their social media page, with their 'original' video showing her applying makeup as her stepdad walks in reading stats from his phone.

"My stepdad has been updating me on Taylor and Travis every day since Sunday," Sharon's text overlay reads.

“OK, ready?” he asks, to which she replies: "For?"

He then sweetly updates his stepdaughter about her favourite star, telling her: "Since Taylor Swift showed up to Sunday’s Chiefs Bears game, 400 percent spike in Travis Kelce’s jersey sales.

"Kelce’s podcast now is number one overall on Apple. Kelce added 383,000 new Instagram followers. 24.3 million viewers watched the game, number one for the week.

Sharon Mbabazi and her stepdad claimed skincare company Cetaphil 'stole' their content for their Super Bowl ad.

"63 percent jump in female viewers aged 18 to 49. Three times increase in the Chiefs’ searches on the web. And lastly, the Chiefs sold more tickets in a single day since the start of the season."

The pair claim they were shocked after seeing Cetaphil's Super Bowl ad, with the stepdad claiming in a message to the company: "My daughter made the content that you stole.

"I don’t know if you paid somebody, your marketing department, if you’ve hired a company to make the commercial, all’s they did, bar for bar, took my daughter’s content."

However, in a way to smooth things over, the father and daughter duo are now partnered up with Cetaphil after Sharon requested the skincare brand 'makes it right'.

"So pumped to welcome you to the Cetaphil Creator Fam, Sharon," the brand said in response to their update clip for fans, which showed Sharon and her stepdad promoting Cetaphil's product.

UNILAD has reached out to Cetaphil for comment.

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