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Female pro golfer speaks out about ‘crazy’ reaction after someone mansplains how to hit the ball at the driving range
Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@georgiagolfcoach

Female pro golfer speaks out about ‘crazy’ reaction after someone mansplains how to hit the ball at the driving range

Golf pro Georgia Ball was given a few unsolicited words of advice from a man further down the driving range

A female golf pro, who's video of a man trying to coach her on her swing went viral, has spoken out.

In what is one of the funniest yet also blood-boiling examples of mansplaining to ever grace the internet, professional golfer Georgia Ball was interrupted at the driving range by a man who took it upon himself to give her a few tips.

It didn't take long for the clip to end up widespread on social media and Georgia has since addressed the controversy.

Shared to TikTok and Instagram by Georgia herself, the video shows the professional golfer practicing her swing in a driving range.

Despite minding her own business and focusing very much on her own form and performance, who should pipe up but a man located a few spots down from Georgia.

Not that Georgia asked for any advice - on top of the fact she plays with the Professional Golfers' Association (PGA) - the man decides to say: "Excuse me, what you are doing there, you should not being doing that.You should be right through your swing and follow through. You are too slow on the way up and then back."

Despite Georgia trying to explain she's actually 'going through a swing change at the minute,' the man butts in again, saying he's been 'playing golf 20 years' before seeing it as his apparent duty to commend her next swing as 'much better'.

Georgia then reiterates how she was deliberately slowing her swing, adding it's something the 'best golfers in the world do,' yet her fellow golf player tells her to 'keep doing that anyway' before finally going back to his own swing.

And Georgia has since reflected on the incident and video going viral.

This is the face of an extremely patient golfer.

In an interview with This Morning's Dermot O'Leary and Alison Hammond earlier today (February 23), Georgia noted it just wasn't 'in' her to turn around and tell the man she is, in fact, a professional golfer, describing herself as 'humble'.

She continued: "I have a lot of conversations, I get a lot of advice and most of the time it's positive. So in that situation, it was awkward.

"I'm just glad looking back on it now I can see the funny side to it. "

The golf pro added to BBC Radio 4 that she doesn't normally have to deal with mansplaining and gets advice from 'males and females'.

For Georgia, playing golf is about just 'get[ting] everyone involved' and 'work[ing] together on it'.

"We just want to grow as much as we can," she said.

Although, Georgia noted the online reaction to the video has been 'crazy' and she's enjoyed reading all the comments.

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