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Female pro golfer left stunned after someone mansplains how to hit the ball at the driving range
Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@georgiagolfcoach

Female pro golfer left stunned after someone mansplains how to hit the ball at the driving range

Professional golfer Georgia Ball had been trying out a new swing at the driving range when a male attendee decided to offer her some tips...

A female pro golfer was gobsmacked when a man tried to explain her own swing to her.

Georgia Ball is a pro golfer with the PGA - that's the Professional Golfers' Association for those not in the know - and had been at the range trying out a new style of swing.

The pro golfer frequently films her practises and documents her life as a professional golfer to her 156,000 followers on TikTok.

In addition to her status, again, as a literal professional golfer, she is also a golf coach who teaches other people how to play golf.

Basically, if you're going to be offering someone like Georgia advice about golf, then you'd better also be a professional golfer.

But that didn't stop a man who was also at the range from offering her some tips on her swing, despite Georgia's repeated attempts to explain what she was doing.

Georgia filmed herself sending a golf ball sailing down the range, and stopped her swing earlier.

It was at this point that the mansplaining began.

Georgia was trying out a new technique on her swing.
TikTok / georgiagolfcoach

The fellow golfer, who is out of shot, said: "Excuse me, what you are doing there, you should not being doing that."

He continued: "You should be right through your swing and follow through. You are too slow on the way up and then back."

Georgia tried to explain that she was fully aware of her form, as she was actually trying out a new style of swing.

She politely said: "OK, I am going through a swing change at the minute."

The man then said: "I've been playing golf 20 years."

Georgia then lines up another shot, and sends the ball straight down the middle of the range using a very similar swing to the one she used before.

Her new teacher comments: "See how much better that was?"

Georgia again reiterated that she was slowing down her swing in order to try out a new technique.

The pro golfer even explained that this was something that 'the best golfers in the world' do to improve their game.

This is the face of an extremely patient golfer.
TikTok / georgiagolfcoach

But the man was just not taking the hint, saying: "Keep doing that anyway, OK?"

Commenting on the clip, which has been viewed some 8 million times on TikTok, Georgia admitted: "This was a bit awkward, not going to lie. I couldn't help but laugh. I was lost for words!"

People were shocked in the comments, with one writing: "The way he cuts you off. The way he took credit for your swing and the way you strike the ball.

"Absolutely not… Props to you for laughing it off, I probably wouldn’t have been as nice."

Another wrote: "He doesn't take the hint or even listen. And takes credit for your next hit like he helped!!! Ugh. You handled it well, but we shouldn't have to handle this condescension."

A third posted: "I got more angry every time he wouldn't let you finish speaking."

And a fourth fumed: "Me who knows nothing about golf: 'She’s going through a SWING CHANGE SIR!!'"

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