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Moment shocked fans realize they have to pay huge bar tab after they were promised free drinks if Jets lost

Moment shocked fans realize they have to pay huge bar tab after they were promised free drinks if Jets lost


Aaron Rodgers' Jets debut turned into a nightmare when he suffered a potentially season-ending injury.

But while his evening was pretty bad, spare a thought for these fans who were left with a huge bill after his side managed to pull through with the win:

At the time of his injury, those watching on in Jack's American Pub in Milwaukee were over the moon.

Having been told by staff drinks would be on the house if the Jets lost the game, Rodgers' injury meant they were a shoo-in for a big night.

One guy who was cheering at the sight of the star quarterback was Nicki Dower.

The east side resident said: "I think if the Bills are winning early, we'll just stay steady.

"But if the Jets have a big lead, I'll probably tone it down."

Sadly for Nicki and the dozens of others rooting for a Jets loss, their gamble didn't come off.

So close yet so far.
CBS 58 News

And the television cameras were there to capture the exact moment they realized they'd be digging deep to pay for all those White Claws.

In a clip that's been shared across social media, the CBS 58 News reporter is doing a piece to camera, speaking to anchors back in the studio.

"And the mood has changed considerably," he says. "That is because the Jets just won the game on a long touchdown in overtime.

"You can take a look, this is the reaction from a bar where people are realizing the bar tabs they've been racking up all night, thinking certainly with Rodgers hurt the bar was gonna be paying that tab.

"It is setting in, they are going to have to go to the bar and pay that tab."

The look of a man who has lost big.
CBS 58 News

I mean, the look of devastation on their face is a sight to behold.

As the camera pans around, one guy has his hand over his mouth, distraught, staring blankly into his phone. Poor fella.

But not everyone was so devastated by the turn of events.

Michael Steggeman said win or lose he was on the booze.

"I came here aggressive," he told the station. "I'm gonna start drinking heavy. I don't care what the score is."

Adding: I'm not necessarily opposed to Rodgers. But tonight, I'm thinking with my wallet instead."

The offer will be available for another 12 games of the season, so worth getting down if you think you can beat the bar.

But be prepared to cough up if you don't.

Featured Image Credit: CBS 58 News

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