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Aaron Rodgers' potentially season-ending injury was eerily predicted hours before it happened

Aaron Rodgers' potentially season-ending injury was eerily predicted hours before it happened

Social media users have been left baffled after spotting the pre-match prediction

A football fan managed to make a spookily accurate prediction about Aaron Rodgers just hours before he was forced out of his New York Jets debut due to an injury.

The four-time NFL MVP came down with a suspected Achilles injury just minutes after the Jets kicked off against the Buffalo Bills at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey.

During the second quarter, the Jets revealed that Rodgers would not return to the game but confirmed that X-rays showed no broken bones.

Jets coach Robert Saleh said: "An MRI is probably going to confirm what we think has happened, so prayers tonight.

"I hurt for Aaron and how much he has invested in all of this. I'm still going to hold out hope. But my heart's with Aaron right now, nobody else."

Saleh added: "We're concerned with his Achilles. It's not good."

Fans, who had been eagerly anticipating his debut for months are now concerned the injury could see Rodgers out for the rest of the season.

However, it seems as though one fan was somewhat prepared for the incident - at least according to posts he made on social media prior to the game.

Hours before the teams took to the pitch, an X - formerly known as Twitter - user under the name David Zaslav, or @DaddyZaslav, made a chillingly accurate prediction about how things would play out.

The account wrote: “40 year old QB on rain drenched turf against the best team in football. What could go wrong, am I right?

"Aaron Rodgers is going to tear his Achilles on a rain-drenched MetLife turf in 2.5 hours."

As you can imagine, people were shocked by the X user's seeming ability to see into the future with one person writing: “This guy has the almanac from Back to the Future!”

The football fan appeared to predict the future.

Another said: “Okay. NFL is scripted or this dude is a time traveler. Who wins the 2024 election? Should I get Bitcoin or XRP? Come on man.”

While a third commented: “Nah that’s f**king crazy how tf did you predict this?”

Someone else asked: “Who are you? And who do you have in the Super Bowl?”

Others joked that the person ‘had the NFL script’ or suggested that they may be a writer for The Simpsons, which is pretty well-known for making a bunch of accurate predictions over the years.

But if you were hoping for some more nuggets of information from our near future, then I have bad news - because, to add another twist to the tale, the account has since been suspended.

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