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'Spiritual psychologist' gets eye tattooed on his forehead because he was 'fed up of living in fear'

'Spiritual psychologist' gets eye tattooed on his forehead because he was 'fed up of living in fear'

The self-proclaimed psychologist says he got inked to receive 'instant enlightenment'

A 'spiritual psychologist' got a giant eye tattooed on his forehead to achieve 'instant enlightenment' after he admitted he was 'fed up of living in fear'.

The 23-year-old self-proclaimed psychologist, who goes by the name @rootcausepsychology, shared the reasoning for his 'third eye' tattoo with his 8,085 TikTok followers. It's unclear if he has any actual qualifications in psychology.

In a video that has over 580,000 views, he explained that the forehead tattoo is a sign of him 'giving no f**ks'. Watch what he had to say below:

He said: "I got so fed up of living in fear, insecure, anxious, self conscious all the time."

Explaining his struggles further, he said: "Every day has been quite a pain to exist in.

"So, I just decided to give no f**ks and live as if I'm going to die. Then at least I'll have some enjoyment in my life."

He also explained that he got the tattoo to look cool.

The tattoo is a sign of him 'giving no f**ks'.

He said: "My inner child desired to look like the coolest motherf**ker in the world. I got a third eye now."

The 'third eye' originated from Hinduism and is said to symbolise a higher conscious and helps to elevate a person's perception. It is said to appear on the forehead of those who have reached a state of enlightenment.

The 'spiritual psychologist' claims the tattoo helps to feel more enlightened as he appeared to encourage his followers to follow suit.

He said: "You get a tattoo on your forehead, you're enlightened. The great mystics and spiritual teachers have not told you this hack, but I'm going to tell you because I want everyone to be enlightened."

In an earlier video, the 23-year old told his followers he would get the tattoo if his video 'blew up', however he still decided to get inked despite only receiving a couple of hundred likes.

His video did not blow up, but he got inked anyway.

There are no videos of him getting the tattoo, so it's unclear whether it's permanent or not.

Unsurprisingly though, the forehead tattoo has garnered the young man a lot of attention, although not all the comments under his video are positive.

One user wrote: "This man really got a forehead tattoo for 146 likes."

The bloke claims the tattoo has helped achieve 'instant enlightenment' and claims that getting a job with the tattoo is the least of his worries.

He also told his followers that to feel more enlightened he would be taking out a $50,000 loan, which he would use to take strangers on a shopping spree while giving them one of his spirituality lessons.

The self-proclaimed 'spiritual psychologist' regularly posts videos to his TikTok channel where he provides his followers with different lessons on spirituality and God.

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Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@rootcausepsychology

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