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Man 'scared to return home' after spotting creepy objects on his home security camera
Featured Image Credit: Reddit/unicorn-onesie

Man 'scared to return home' after spotting creepy objects on his home security camera

A man on Reddit is terrified of returning home after his security camera detected strange bangs and objects

A man has been left terrified of his own home after home security cameras picked up what looked like paranormal activity.

A Reddit user took to the platform to post an eery video of what appears to be some type of shadow cloud dispersing in the air - and he’s desperate for answers.

Under the sub r/Ghosts, @unicorn-onesie begged others for answers: “What do you see here? I'm on a work trip and scared to go back home.”

The man went on the describe his living situation and what he’s noticed inside of his home.

He wrote: “So, for context I live in a gated condo in a very quiet part of town. Barely any movement past 9pm.”

“This time of the year, there's maybe 6 apartments occupied, as all the rest are used for summer holidays. My apartment is on the ground floor and my only direct neighbours are not there. Hardly anyone walks on the back during the night.”

The Reddit user is terrified of returning home after his camera picked up creepy objects.
Reddit/ @unicorn-onesie

Unfortunately, his quiet condo life would soon change after setting up some cameras.

The scared homeowner continued: “I'm currently away from home for work, and when the cleaner went there yesterday, I asked her to set up the camera just for security.”

After around two or three hours after the cleaner left his home, it was then that the recording caught something strange.

The man initially believed that it looked as though something ‘went to examine the new item on the dresser.’

Ever since that moment, there has been ‘countless videos of smoke and strange sounds like bangs and others that sound like voices’ late at night when the condo is unoccupied.

If you thought it could be an intruder, he went on to explain that all the doors and windows are locked, so no one could get inside.

The user wrote: “I wanted to attach the whole thing but I'm still learning how to use reddit. I really need your input as I’m terrified of going back home now....”

In the video, you can see what looks like a puff or cloud of smoke dispersing in the air.

This isn't some scary movie, though he probably wishes it was.
Sammy-Sander / Pixabay

What starts off at a small smudge in the distance, soon becomes clear as it rushes towards the camera, leaving Redditors baffled.

One user threw out the thought that it could be an entity, writing: “Vape ghost strikes again.”

Another decided that this is all they’d need to get out of there: “With my anxiety I’d be moving out lmao”.

But someone else offered a real possible explanation: “Is it cold where you are at? Maybe the furnace in the house turned on, and the dust that was collected inside flew out.”

A commenter with a similar thought also shared the same sentiment: “Did it recently get cold in your area? First time the heat has kicked on in a while? Is there a vent in that room with the table? The beginning of the clip looks like something coming off that table or behind it. Or the ghost used to smoke at the table… very weird for sure.”

However, one science enthusiast could be on to something: “This is a microburst.

“It is an energetic field which forms and then dissipates.

“It is a disturbance within the scalar field which is localized in space.

“Edit: What you are seeing is the electrostatic gathering and dissipation of airborne particulates.”

Whatever it is, there’s no chance I’d be sleeping there tonight.

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