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Terrifying moment 'ghost' appears on security camera outside 'haunted' restaurant triggering police response

Terrifying moment 'ghost' appears on security camera outside 'haunted' restaurant triggering police response

Security cameras at the Library Restaurant in New Hampshire caught the eeire sight

A security camera at a restaurant in New Hampshire caught the eerie sight of a 'ghost' flying past the lens before police arrived to check out the scene.

Halloween might still be more than a week away, but something out there doesn't want us to forget that it's already Spooky Season.

The bizarre footage was caught on CCTV at The Library Restaurant in downtown Portsmouth, New Hampshire; a restaurant in a building 'well known for its ghosts'.

In a post on Facebook on Tuesday (October 17), the restaurant explained that while the building is especially known for ghosts in the basement, there has never before been an instance of motion detectors being set off inside the building.

"Last night, for the very first time our motion detector alarms INSIDE the building were set off by this camera motion caught on video in the dead of night outside the window," the restaurant explained.

It shared the footage from the CCTV, in which a fast-moving white object can be seen flying past the camera.

The mysterious cloud quickly disappeared.
Facebook/Library Restaurant

"It is not lights from the car - because you can see how others are picked up and there is no horizontal wind blowing," the restaurant pointed out.

"So what can this be! Make of it what you will but this has never happened before! Spooky coincidence for the time of year?"

About a minute after the object was caught on camera, police can be seen arriving at the restaurant to check what activated its alarms.

Adrienne Waterman, who co-owns the restaurant, told NBC10 Boston she has previously witnessed things 'fall off shelves', though pointed out: "You can always try and rationalize that type of thing."

Facebook users were quick to have their say on what the object could be after the restaurant shared the footage online, with one sharing a tale about 'the lady in white'.

Police came to check on the scene after the motion detector went off.
Facebook/Library Restaurant

"Some residents had claimed to see her in the hallways. One wrote a poem about her experience," they wrote.

But Marc Lipoma, who is executive chef at The Library, isn't so sure.

"I am not a pretty superstitious or ghost person," he told NBC10 Boston.

The Library Restaurant is located in the old Rockingham House, which was built as a home in 1785 before being turned into a hotel in 1833.

In true 'probably haunted house' fashion, the building burned in a fire in 1884, before being rebuilt by then-owner Frank Jones.

If that's not a recipe for some ghostly activity, I don't know what is.

Featured Image Credit: Library Restaurant

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