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Sisters Found Dead In Same Flat 'Feared Someone Was Tampering With Their Food'

Sisters Found Dead In Same Flat 'Feared Someone Was Tampering With Their Food'

Police believed they had died in early May, and that nobody had known for an entire month

Two sisters who were found dead in their apartment had ‘feared someone was tampering with their food’, according to the management company that runs the building.  

Saudi-born Asra and Amaal Alsehli, 24 and 23, lived above a burger and dessert bar in Canterbury, Sydney, having arrived in Australia as teens. 

Their bodies were discovered in separate bedrooms in early June, when the sheriff visited to check in with them about overdue rent. However, police believed they had actually died in early May, and that nobody had known for an entire month. 

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, police say they have little information about how and why the two sisters died, but there were still potential signs that something wasn’t quite right. 

Sisters Asra Alsehli (left) and Amaal Alsehli (right).
New South Wales Police

One employee of the building management company, Transparent FM, told the outlet how Asra and Amaal told the building’s managers they feared someone was tampering with their food deliveries last year. 

The worker, speaking anonymously, claimed a plumber who visited the apartment also had concerns. 

“[He] said, ‘there’s something mysterious happening there’,” they explained. 

Over time, the building’s managers noticed a nervousness to the women, and called the police to ask for a welfare check. 

“The girls did not want to open the door; they did not want to participate in any sort of conversation,” the Transparent FM employee continued. 

“The cops said, ‘We’re worried. Can we help you?’” 

The sisters, who paid about $500 a week for their flat, said no. 

“I took one look at those girls, and thought, ‘You are hiding something.’ These girls were very secretive. They kept a very low profile.” 

Another person with ‘knowledge of the case’ also anonymously told the Herald that the women had sought asylum in Australia – a detail that a police spokesperson refused to confirm, saying police do not comment on residency status. 

Stock image.
Keitma/Alamy Stock Photo

In 2018, Asra took out an Apprehended Domestic Violence Order, but it was withdrawn and dismissed. 

The Herald reports that the sisters’ series five BMW car had also been keyed, but this ‘may have been because they were parking in the wrong spot’. 

New South Wales Police have now released photographs of the sisters in the hope that people may be able to come forward with information. 

"Despite extensive inquiries, detectives have been unable to ascertain how the women died; however, it is believed the women had been deceased for some time prior to being located," a statement said.

While there were no visible signs of a break-in or injuries to the body, police are treating the deaths as ‘suspicious’ as no cause of death has been identified. 

Appealing to the public at a press conference earlier this week, Det Insp Claudia Allcroft said: “We’re appealing for information because we don’t know a lot about the girls. Our investigation is ongoing, and in consultation with the coroner, we have decided to release their names and have appealed for information.” 

She added: “The girls were 23 and 24 years old and died together in their home. We don’t know the cause of death, and it’s unusual because of their age and the nature of the matter." 

If you have experienced a bereavement and would like to speak with someone in confidence contact Cruse Bereavement Care via their national helpline on 0808 808 1677 

Featured Image Credit: NSW Police

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