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Shark Attack Caught On Camera Reveals Terrifying Point Of View
Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@zimydakid

Shark Attack Caught On Camera Reveals Terrifying Point Of View

The incredible footage shows what it looks like inside a shark's mouth

A filmmaker managed to capture the moment a shark chomped down on his camera, showing us all a terrifying perspective we hope never to see again.

Director and conservationist Zimy Da Kid was out filming in the waters of Fuvahmulah, south of the Maldives, an area that has a large population of tiger sharks

While capturing some underwater footage, one of the sharks took a keen interest in his work, and after circling around, came over and attempted to take a bite of the 360-degree camera before eventually releasing it. 

The footage caught the inside of the shark’s mouth in incredible detail, with its huge teeth and even its gills visible. 

The camera managed to survive the bite, which is a ringing endorsement for the brand, to be fair. 

Speaking about the incredible encounter, the cinematographer told the Independent: “I put my Insta360 on a weight and then I put it on the sand and the shark was curious.

“He saw this shiny thing and he thought ‘let me taste it’ and then he bit the camera.”

Incredible footage shows inside the shark's mouth.

Zimy shared the clip on Instagram where people have been blown away by the clear footage. 

One person said: “This was awesome thank you.”

Another wrote: “That was like a whole different dimension inside the shark. Never seen before.”

A third commented: “Are you serious, this is wild.”

But despite the encounter leaving some people feeling pretty freaked out, Zimy said he hopes to use his documentary work to change the negative perceptions sharks can have. 

The shark took a bite, before growing bored and swimming off.

He explained: “When sharks bite people it is not because they want to eat us, it’s because they see someone and they are curious so they just bite. 

“But they usually never eat the person because they don’t like it.”

He added: “My goal is to make people fall in love with sharks through beautiful images,” he said.

“I started filming sharks because sharks are disappearing at a very, very fast rate which is going to be very bad for the ocean.

“If sharks disappear then the whole ecosystem of the ocean is going to fall apart. If the ocean falls apart, then we will fall apart with it.”

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