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Proposal goes disastrously wrong after man asks his best man to throw him ring

Proposal goes disastrously wrong after man asks his best man to throw him ring

People are flooding to social media to weigh in on the shocking incident.

People are flooding to social media in shock over a video showing a proposal video seemingly going horribly wrong.

If you want to get married, the chances are you've probably dreamt about the moment your proposal happens.

Whether you're the one getting down on one knee or the other clasping your hand to your face in shock, a boat with a sunset in the background does seem like a pretty good way to do it.

However, before you commit to setting sail into the sunset to pop the question, you should probably do your research and make sure you only take people with you who you really trust. Prepare to scream at your phone screen:

A man named Miles took to his Instagram page several years ago to share the recording of him getting down on one knee to propose to his now-wife, Angie.

The setting is stunning, the pair on a boat at the helm, the sun setting in the background - it's like what should've happened if Rose and Jack had survived in Titanic.

The caption reads: "So I had a crazy idea... and wouldn’t of pulled off without all of you! Time to celebrate!! #forevermemories."

However, the celebration could've nearly ended up as more of a commiseration given the ring box's haphazard journey to the soon-to-be-groom's hands.

Soaring, flying...
Instagram/ @miles_vs

In the video, Miles can already be seen down on one knee, however, his hands are empty of any box carrying any ring.

He looks in the camera's direction expectantly and out flies a box, soaring through the air and straight into the sea.

Yup. There's a reason you get told to not throw things when you're a kid and this moment is a primary example of why you should have listened more closely to that scolding.

Cue Miles' face dropping in panic, Angie gasping and her hands flying to her face and the rest of the boat's passengers rushing over to check over the edge - one hero not even waiting to check, but throwing himself over the side of the boat after the box.

Thankfully, the box floated.
Instagram/ @miles_vs

Thankfully, the ring box floated and the legend who hopped straight in managed to nab it.

However, his hero status is slightly retracted by the fact he decided to open up the box while still in the water, announcing the box was actually empty. Cue further panic before the video cuts.

And the whole incident has left social media users conflicted - the video having since gone viral again after being shared by X - formerly Twitter - page Internet Hall of Fame.

One X user said: "The dude who jumped in first is a real

fren though."

"He would no longer be my friend," a second wrote.

Another believes it was all a publicity stunt, noting: "That almost feels like it was done on purpose to go viral. Because how on earth do you throw it that much past the guy proposing???"

The box was retrieved by a friend.
Instagram/ @miles_vs

However, a third argued: "Could have just been a prank by the friend and he had the real box/ring on him."

UNILAD has contacted Miles for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/ @miles_vs

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