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Founder of biohacking shares how many times men should ejaculate each week
Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@aggie

Founder of biohacking shares how many times men should ejaculate each week

It's probably not what you think

It's a topic people have obsessed over ever since the concept of shame has existed.

How often should men be ejaculating? Well, now founder of so-called 'biohacking' Dave Asprey has weighed in on the debate - with a pretty strange answer.

To be clear, horror stories about auto-erotic asphyxiation aside, there is no medically-proven detrimental effect resulting just from masturbation.

But that doesn't stop the founder of 'biohacking' from making some pretty interesting claims about the old 'me time'.

And no, it's not that it makes you go blind, or that you'll grow hair on your palms, nothing that outlandish.

Dave explained how many times you should ejaculate per week.
Instagram / aggie

In the caption for an clip of her interviewing Asprey on Instagram, health influencer Aggie wrote: "For us women regular 0rgasms are great - for men is similar as long as they are not paired with ejacul@tion - as it depletes men’s Lifeforce energy Chi."

If you have a penis, according to Asprey there is an optimal amount of times you should be ejaculating per week.

So how much is it?

Well, it depends on your age. According to an interview with Aggie, the rule is your age minus seven divided by four, and that's the number of days that should be between ejaculations.

So, if you're 35, that's 28 divided by four, which is once every seven days.

He said: "So I've studied a lot of esoteric stuff and one of the things you'll hear from the Daoists is age in years minus seven by four, that's the number of days that you should have between ejaculation.

How often should you ejaculate?
Richard Clark / Getty

"Let's say you're 37 minus seven, you're down to 30 divided by four, so 30 divided by four, the potential was 28. And what that means is ejaculating once a week or less frequently and you do that to maintain your health."

So there you have it folks, just your age minus seven divided by four, if you want to a live long life.

For the uninitiated, 'biohacking' is the practice of trying to change your biochemistry and physiology using science in order to live longer, though the concept is very broad.

And no, we don't mean the science of a balanced diet and regular exercise, that doesn't count.

Of course, as long as you don't hurt yourself or do it in front of non-consenting people, you can ejaculate as much or little as you want. Go nuts, or don't.

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