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Boy claims he's reincarnated as he has eerily perfect memory of being a Hollywood actor
Featured Image Credit: NBC News

Boy claims he's reincarnated as he has eerily perfect memory of being a Hollywood actor

Ryan Hammond claimed he was a reincarnation of a late Hollywood actor.

A boy has claimed to be a reincarnation of a Hollywood actor who died some 60 years ago now..

Ryan Hammond, from Oklahoma, made the reincarnation claims in 2015.

Back then, the young boy was just ten years old - though that didn't stop him going public with his claims.

Hammond said he had vivid memories of another life in Hollywood in the 1940s and 1950s.

One of his more memorable recollections came as he was apparently punched by one of Marilyn Monroe's bodyguards.

He even said that he could remember how he died in a previous life, as he recalls his heart 'exploding' and going towards 'the light'.

Ryan Hammond claims he's the reincarnation of Martyn Marty.

Hammond, born in 2004, believes he was Marty Martyn in a past life.

Martyn was a movie extra who later became a successful Tinsel Town agent.

He lived a life of luxury in New York, was wed four times and took holidays in Paris.

Martyn passed away in 1964 from a brain hemorrhage at the age of 61.

Hammond apparently made his claims of a past life from the age of three, although his parents initially didn't believe him.

The boy would beg for his mother to take him to Los Angeles to 'visit his other family' and would wake up in the night calling 'action', as if on a movie set.

Hoping to get to the bottom of his past life, Hammond's mum brought a book about Hollywood home from the library.

Once he took a look, Hammond was able to identify actor George Raft in a picture, claiming he 'did a picture' with the star.

When Hammond was six, he was introduced to Marty's daughter by a documentary crew.

He was shown around Los Angeles to visit places associated with the late actor - whose daughter confirms the youngster's claims were accurate.

Martyn Marty died in 1964.

Apparently, Hammond's memories of his life as Marty have faded over time - although he still shares some traits with the late star, including a love for New York City and Hollywood movies.

One child psychiatrist, Dr Jim Tucker believes Hammond's claims that he was reincarnated.

Dr Tucker said: "The world just doesn't work as we think or assume it does. The cases I have examined don't come under a normal explanation of how we perceive the world."

Although scientists have not been able to prove either way if reincarnation occurs, many people have claimed to have past-life memories.

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