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Russia shows off new military 'robot dog' that can hold a rocket launcher

Russia shows off new military 'robot dog' that can hold a rocket launcher

While it looks terrifying at first glance, there’s a catch.

A robotic dog armed with a grenade launcher has been unveiled at Russia's Army-2022 defence exposition in Moscow.

The Insider reports that the robodog was developed by Russian engineering company Intellect Machines JSC and is used for security and patrol services while helping to relinquish deadly grenades. 

While uncovered at the fair, the robodog carried a disposable rocket-propelled anti-tank grenade and an RPG-26 launcher.

While it looks chilling at first glance, there’s a catch.

Experts say that this ‘terrifying’ piece of military equipment is actually a Chinese 'home helper’ and can be purchased online for at least £2,500 (AUD $ 4,307 or USD $3,025).


If you Google them right now, they're all over the internet.

According to one currently being sold on eBay, the ‘XR-AI-DOG-MINI’ possesses 'stable posture, omnidirectional movement, multi-sport gait' and 'six-dimensional control'. 

It's described to be an ‘advanced technology mechanical pet’.

Somehow Russia thought they could fool us by covering the robodog with a black sheet over the top ala Kim Kardashian at the Met Gala?

The Daily Mail reports that the robodog was initially developed by Unitree, who are currently selling it for $2,700 (AUD $3,844 or £2,228).

Who knew such high-tech military equipment would be valued lower than a Birkin bag?

Even though the origins of the robot might be less than original, you won't really care when this bad boy starts firing rockets in your direction.

President Vladimir Putin gave the opening speech at the exhibition, promising his allies that their weaponry is 'decades' ahead of its time, according to The Moscow Times.

He said: “We are ready to offer our allies and partners the most modern types of weapons, from small arms to armoured vehicles and artillery, from warplanes to drones. 

“These guns are in demand among military professionals all over the world for their reliability, quality, and most importantly, their high efficiency. Almost all of them have been used many times in real military operations."

He also thanked Russian developers who ‘are working for the victory and technological and industrial development’.

This scary looking robot comes a few weeks after a similar looking machine was seen doing target practice with a slightly smaller weapon.

It certainly seems like these robots are becoming more popular for scary purposes. The future seems bleak.

Featured Image Credit: RIA Novosti news agency/Telegram

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