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Russia Unleashes 'Invincible' Missiles, MoD Warns

Russia Unleashes 'Invincible' Missiles, MoD Warns

President Vladimir Putin has hailed them as ‘invincible’

Russia claims it has released 'invincible' Kinzhal missiles aiming to destroy a large weapons depot in Ukraine.

It will be the first time these missiles have been deployed since the start of the war when troops crossed the border on February 24.

Dubbed the Kinzhal, or ‘Dagger’, this weapon system was referred to as 'invincible' by Vladimir Putin back in 2018.

The Russian president claimed the missiles are highly manoeuvrable and their speed and altitude make it difficult for them to be tracked.

Hypersonic missiles can apparently travel up to five times faster than the speed of sound, at 3,800 mph.

MiG-31K attack aircraft of the Russian Air Force with Kinzhal missile landing.

The UK Ministry of Defence warned, per Metro: 'This is likely to involve the indiscriminate use of firepower resulting in increased civilian casualties, destruction of Ukrainian infrastructure, and intensify the humanitarian crisis.

'The Kremlin has so far failed to achieve its original objectives.

'It has been surprised by the scale and ferocity of Ukrainian resistance.'

On Saturday, March 19, Ukraine's President Zelenskyy told Putin that 'it's time to talk'.

He said: 'Negotiations about peace, about security for us in Ukraine, should be substantial, fair and without delays. This is the only chance, the only chance for Russia to reduce the harm from its own mistakes. 

'We have always insisted on negotiations. We have offered dialogue, offered solutions for peace - not just for 23 days of invasion. 


'And I want everyone to hear me now, especially in Moscow. It’s time to meet. Time to talk. It’s time to restore territorial integrity and justice for Ukraine.

'Otherwise, Russia’s losses will be such that it will take you several generations to recover.'

He added: 'This is a totally deliberate tactic. They have a clear order to do absolutely everything to make the humanitarian catastrophe in Ukrainian cities an ‘argument’ for Ukrainians to cooperate with the occupiers.

'This is a war crime. I am guided by the assessments given by our negotiators. They say that the negotiations are not easy for obvious reasons. But nevertheless, there is some hope of reaching a compromise,' he said, according to Reuters.

Reports that Putin has finally agreed to meet Zelenskyy remain unconfirmed.

If you would like to donate to the Red Cross Emergency Appeal, which will help provide food, medicines and basic medical supplies, shelter and water to those in Ukraine, click here for more information 

Featured Image Credit: Russian Defense Ministry Press Service/Alamy

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