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Dramatic moment pilot ejects burning jet before it crashes caught on camera

Dramatic moment pilot ejects burning jet before it crashes caught on camera

The pilot's helmet camera captured the moment he ejected from his burning jet.

The nail-biting moment a Russian fighter pilot was forced to eject from his plane before it crashed was captured on camera.

The footage, which was captured via the pilot’s helmet camera, shows the pilot escaping out of a Su-25 jet as it spiralled out of control back in June of this year. Watch the footage below:

It is believed the pilot was flying over Belgorod in Russia at the time of the dramatic incident. The pilot is said to have clipped a nearby powerline with his jet, leading to one of the tail fins to break off and crash to the ground.

Bloggers following the Russian war against Ukraine reported on the crash and the fire at the time it happened, with the footage showing the wreckage of the plane on fire in a field.

Their reports said ‘according to preliminary data, the aircraft hit a power line pole'. However, sources in support of Ukraine have claimed that the plain was actually shot down.

The newly released footage shows the crash from the pilot’s perspective, moments after the aircraft was hit.

As the aircraft twists in the air after the pilot loses control, it turns on its side and rolls into an upturned position.

The shocking footage shows the pilot ejecting the aircraft.

The pilot ejects halfway through the jet rolls upside down, which can be seen in the distance as he falls to the ground.

Parts of the jet - which is believed by viewers online to be a Su-25SM - can be seen breaking off as a fire can be seen.

The pilot deploys his parachute, which is seen in the video, as he floats down to the ground. Meanwhile, the aircraft crashes to the ground several hundred yards away before exploding into flames.

It is unclear what happened to the pilot after the video ends.

The release of this footage comes after a warplane crashed into an apartment building in Russia, leaving 13 people dead and at least 19 wounded.

Officials said the aircraft was on a training mission when the crash occurred on 18 October.

It crashed into the apartment building in Yeysk, a town near the Russian border, and is believed to have been an Su-34, a fighter-bomber used to strike targets in Ukraine.

Some of the casualties jumped from the building to escape the fire caused by the crashed plane.

Earlier this month, Vladimir Putin redeployed a number of his nuclear bombers to air bases near the borders with Norway and Finland as part of his war against Ukraine.

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Featured Image Credit: Telegram

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