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Man who 'died' and came back to life says you go to the 'peaceful spirit realm'

Man who 'died' and came back to life says you go to the 'peaceful spirit realm'

Kevin Hill was resuscitated after complications with a rare illness, but remembers the time when he was dead as 'peaceful'

A man who died before being brought back to life says that you don’t just go towards the light – like so many popular interpretations of death suggest – but go to a ‘peaceful spirit realm’.

55-year-old Kevin Hill suffers from a rare and serious condition called calciphylaxis, whereby calcium accumulates in small blood vessels and fat and skin tissue.

His really serious issues started when dead skin – caused by blistering – started eating his live skin, leaving him in agony.

Eventually, he bled out and lost five pints of blood, causing his heart to stop before the doctors then resuscitated him.

However violent and horrible that sounds, Kevin says that his experience of death was actually peaceful, and he was well aware that he’d died.

Kevin found himself in real trouble after contracted the rare illness.

In the end, doctors managed to bring him back to life, dubbing him the ‘miracle man’.

The writer from Derbyshire, in the UK, said: "I wasn't looking down at my body, but I was separate from my body.

"It was like I was in the spirit realm - I was conscious of what was going on but I had so much peace. I knew I was bleeding. I knew it was serious.

“The staff kept coming in and out to stop the bleeding."

Then, he found himself standing right beside his body, watching the medical staff rush around to save his life.

He continued: "I knew I had died. I was separate from my body. Then I just went to sleep and I woke up, alive and the bleeding had stopped.

"I knew it wasn't my time to die. The situation has made me refocus my priorities.

Doctors dubbed him the 'miracle man'.

"When I came out of the hospital my family atmosphere changed dramatically. I have become more resilient. I know I can bounce back."

Kevin’s problems started back in 2021 when his legs became swollen after retaining excess water.

He told doctors about his issues, but to no avail, until he managed to get an appointment at the coronary unit in Derby and – within hours – was sent to the hospital.

"This began my year-long stint in hospital,” he continued.

"They gave me medicine to get rid of the water retention. After it all went, they told me I had lost 65kg of water weight."

After a heart operation, he contracted calciphylaxis.

He's made an almost complete recovery.

Then came the horrific incident during which he nearly died, but thanks to the efforts of the health professionals, he’s made an almost full recovery and is back living at home with his wife, Camille.

Kevin said: “I am in the final stages of recovery. In my right leg, I still have some pain but it is not near the level it used to be - I would cry for hours.

"My pain level used to be 100 out of 10 and now it had dropped to a four.

"Everyone said I should be dead."

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