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Rapper SkinnyFromThe9 Punches Fan Who Called Him A Snitch

Rapper SkinnyFromThe9 Punches Fan Who Called Him A Snitch

A video has been widespread online exposing SkinnyFromThe9 punching a fan.

A shocking video showing rapper SkinnyFromThe9 punching a fan is doing the rounds on social media.

The American rapper and singer – real name David Alex Villegas – first rose to fame with the song Love Blast, and despite initially greeting one of his fans nicely enough, things soon turned sour.

Footage of the incident was later shared on Twitter.

Despite cheerily calling out to the rapper and eagerly agreeing to take a picture, the boy then stated he had an 'important question' to ask SkinnyFromThe9: "When did you snitch on someone?"

SkinnyFromThe9's response? An immediate, quick and fairly forceful punch, right to the fan's face.

The boy was left clutching onto his glasses, laughing in surprise as he realised what had just happened.

The video, posted onto Twitter by podcast No Jumper, has amassed more than one million views and 29,000 likes.

Viewers have been quick to share their thoughts.

"That punch was straight out of the suburbs," one said.

Another commented: "Why did bro look honoured to be punched?"

Indeed, a possible reason as to why the boy looked so bizarrely amused at being punched has since been revealed in alleged messages he sent to the rapper.

Coming from an account named Drew Corleone, the messages to SkinnyFromThe9 read: "Yo skinny. Realizing u threw the first punch and everything my guy.

"I can really make a bag off u. Not gonna be going to law if u pay a lil price."

After being ignored by the rapper, the account warned SkinnyFromThe9 he shouldn't 'want cops involved' because of his career.

The account continued by asking the singer to negotiate, before attempting to video call him.

The messages stated: "I WANT THATBBREAD Cashapp or We gon press them charges.


However, the screenshots supposedly reveal the rapper as having restricted the account from seeing when he's online or when he's read their messages.

While SkinnyFromThe9 hasn't explicitly commented on the video, he re-shared the footage on Twitter, alongside the comment: 'Lol.'

He also retweeted a post that stated: "Imagine meeting skinnyfromthe9 and saying some dumn s**t like this."

An earlier tweet read: "Everyday I ask myself are people dumb or do I just get irritated easily."

Drew has since posted a video of himself miming along to a song on Triller alongside the caption: "IM TRYNA GET RICH F**K THAT! SKINNY DISS COMING SPAM @nojumper @adam22 @akademiks IN THE COMMENTS."

One user wrote: "Skinny got nothing on you drew."

Another said: "S**t go harder then anything skinny has ever put out tbh lmfao."

A third resolved: "Man Skinny going out BAD mans drew put em in the past !!!"

UNILAD has contacted SkinnyFromThe9 and Drew Corleone for comment.

If you have a story you want to tell, send it to UNILAD via [email protected]  

Featured Image Credit: @nojumper/Twitter

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