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Urgent manhunt as prisoner linked to notorious child killer case ‘escapes’

Urgent manhunt as prisoner linked to notorious child killer case ‘escapes’

Luccas Abagge is the son of Beatriz Abagge, one of the women embroiled in the infamous 'Evandro Case'

Police have launched a manhunt as a prisoner linked to a notorious child killer case is on the run.

Luccas Abagge, 32, escaped from the Golden State Penitentiary in the Brazilian state of Mato Grosso do Sul on Friday (September 3) morning.

The convict is the son of Beatriz Abagge, one of the women embroiled in the killing of six-year-old Evandro Ramos Caetano, who was brutally murdered in what was ruled to be part of a witchcraft ritual in the late 90s.

Luccas, though not responsible for the now-infamous Evandro case, was convicted of carrying out several homicides in the state of Paraná.

Luccas Abagge is on the run.
Jam Press

He was caught trying to enter the southern state from Paraguay in June this year, presenting a fake driver’s licence to cops during a border check.

Shockingly, the fake license featured the same first name of his mother's victim – Evandro Oliveira Ribeiro.

After realising it was a scam document, the police discovered he had an outstanding arrest warrant in Paraná and placed him under arrest.

More recently, Luccas was in the process of being transferred to a higher-security penitentiary but he managed to break free.

Using a makeshift rope tied together with pieces of material, he managed to scale two fences, climb a wall and go on the run.

Authorities have now launched an urgent manhunt to try and catch the killer.

He used this rope to break free from the prison.
Jam Press

As for Luccas' mother, she was one of many figures explored in the 2021 docu-series The Evandro Case: A Devilish Plot.

Evandro was kidnapped in 1992 and found dead in Paraná with his organs ripped out, throat slit, and eyes, ears, genitals, hands and feet cut off.

After disappearing on April 6 that year, the young boy's remains were found by workers just five days later.

He was identified by his father, Ademir Caetano, who recognised a birthmark.

At the time, a group of seven suspects were accused of carrying out the murder as part of a witchcraft ritual, with five having allegedly confessed to the crime.

Among the suspects were Celina Abagge, the wife of the mayor of Guaratuba, and their daughter Beatriz.

Evandro Ramos Caetano was tragically killed in the 90s.
Jam Press

During the first trial in 1998, Beatriz and Celina were acquitted of any involvement in the boy’s death.

However, the Public Ministry appealed the decision and got a new trial, although only Beatriz took the stand as her mother was deemed too old at age 70.

Despite being sentenced to 21 years in prison, Beatriz was pardoned by the Paraná Court of Justice in 2016.

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Featured Image Credit: Jam Press

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