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Pregnant trans man is Glamour UK's Pride Month cover star

Pregnant trans man is Glamour UK's Pride Month cover star

He and his non-binary partner recently welcomed a daughter into the world

Pregnant trans man Logan Brown has become the cover star for UK Glamour magazine’s pride issue.

Brown proudly displayed his bump for the photograph having revealed his pregnancy with non-binary partner Bailey Mills back in November.

Speaking to Glamour about discovering he was pregnant, Brown, from the UK, explained that he had a ‘really weird feeling’ one morning so decided to take a test, which came back positive.

The 27-year-old admitted to finding it difficult news to take onboard at first as it felt like it ‘erased’ part of him.

“I’d been off testosterone for a while due to some health issues,” he shared. “It was like my whole world just stopped. That everything, all my manlihood that I’ve worked hard for, for so long, just completely felt like it was erased.”

But Brown says later everything ‘clicked’ as he realised that they were ‘never gonna get this opportunity again to - as a queer couple - have a baby that’s biologically both ours’.

While the news was met with joy by the couple, they also endured some online abuse - as well as a lot of love from the community.

"These people say things online that they would probably never say to my face," he said. "To be honest, with Bailey’s platform as well, we’ve just received a lot of love, a lot of queer joy.”

Brown mentioned one particular TikToker, who has a pretty large following, that would comment under all his posts: “Men can’t get pregnant,” and encourage his followers to do the same.

He said: “It was really difficult to deal with that, because it just blew up for over 48 hours. The queer community was not happy about it at all, showing so much love [to me].

Logan Brown and his partner Bailey Mills.

"He lost quite a lot of followers; I don’t think it did him any justice, to be honest, but I don’t want to give him any more clout than what he’s received, because he’s using his platform against trans people.”

Brown, a writer, and Mills have since welcomed a baby girl named Nova via C-section.

Sharing a couple of sweet snaps of the newborn on Instagram last month, Brown wrote: “Hello world, meet Nova Mills Brown.”

“I spent so much time feeling shame and being hard on myself until I thought, ‘You can enjoy this process or make it really difficult for yourself,’” Brown said.

“Now, I get to bring a child up to know that she can be authentically herself and love whoever she wants; that’s really powerful for me.”

Featured Image Credit: Glamour UK/Instagram/@loganecbrown

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