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Police seize enough heroin and fentanyl to kill 2.3 million people
Featured Image Credit: Flagler County Sheriff's Office

Police seize enough heroin and fentanyl to kill 2.3 million people

Cops in Florida confiscated over 123kg of drugs, including morphine, MDMA, fentanyl and heroin

Undercover cops in the US have seized enough heroin and fentanyl to kill millions of people.

Over the past year, officers from Flagler County Sheriff's Office (FCSO) in Florida have been working to get copious amounts of drugs off the streets.

And it's proven to be a huge success, with operation ‘Santa's Naughty Lil Sellers' seeing a colossal $5.7 million worth of illegal substances confiscated.

Over 123kg of drugs were seized during the 11-month operation, including MDMA, morphine, cocaine and steroids, with police saying there was also enough heroin and fentanyl to kill 2.3 million people.

During the investigation, the FCSO said it served 24 search warrants, with 13 firearms - seven rifles and six handguns – as well as $41,989 in cash were taken in.

Sheriff Staly revealed police had confiscated over $5m of drugs during the operation.
Flagler County Sheriff's Office

The lengthy investigation began way back in January this year, and has led to arrest warrants being put out for 35 suspects, totalling 58 charges.

According to Flagler County Sheriff Rick Staly, 30 of the suspects face at least one charge of either selling or intent to sell illegal drugs.

Speaking about the massive drugs bust, Sheriff Staly said it was a huge success for the force.

"This should also be a warning to drug dealers that, if you are not listed on these boards in this operation, I suggest you get out of Flagler County because you are next," he explained during a press conference.

"And if you sell a fatal dose of poison, we will investigate you until we can lock you up for murder."

Staly went on to urge those suspects who are yet to have been picked up by police to hand themselves in.

Staly praised his officers for their hard work.
Flagler County Sheriff's Office

He said that they could either go to the local sheriff's office or the Green Roof Inn on Justice Lane in Bunnell.

"That way, you don’t have to look over your shoulder wondering when we will arrest you because I promise you, if you are one of these poison peddlers, we will get you," Staly warned.

Staly also thanked the hard work of the officers involved in the bust, including the undercover cops, the special investigations team and patrol deputies.

And he said that the information they received from the public were vital to aiding the op.

Adding: "I especially want to thank our community that when they saw something suspicious in their neighborhood, they said something.

"We investigate every tip, and today you see the results of your tips. We will never know how many overdoses or deaths we prevented with this undercover operation."

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