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Police break 'sovereign citizen's' car window after he 'refused to hand over a valid ID'

Police break 'sovereign citizen's' car window after he 'refused to hand over a valid ID'

Things got heated after the man was allegedly caught driving northwest of Adelaide without a valid licence.

Police have broken the window of a car after the ‘sovereign citizen’ driver failed to hand over his ID and licence.

News Corp reported that South Australian officers had to intervene after a man was caught driving down Spencer Highway at Wallaroo, northwest of Adelaide.

Footage captured by the driver shows the man arguing with police.

"You don't need a driver's licence to travel with your automobile," he says in the video.

"You need a driver's licence if you make money for what you are doing, if its for commerce. If you know the meaning of the word, this is what you say."

However, after the owner of the Mitsubishi four-wheel drive refused to hand over his ID and registration, a police officer notified him he will be arrested.

"The documentation you provided has a name on it, the name that is linked to that has a suspended driver's licence," the officer can be heard saying.

The man refused to step out of his vehicle to be arrested and one police officer lost his patience and smashed the car window.

Once the officer entered his vehicle, he told the driver he is under arrest before the man demanded to know the crime he had committed.

Another officer grabbed the man from behind the wheel and he yelled: "You’re assaulting me."

He was ultimately charged with several offences.

However, in a twist, the man has launched a compensation claim with the SA government.

The man involved has included several counts in his claim, including 'armed kidnapping', according to The Daily Mail.

Earlier this week, another ‘sovereign citizen’ made headlines after initially refusing to hand over their licence and registration while their number plates had been stripped.

The Victorian woman Chloe Fisher had also recorded herself being pulled over by police in Gundagai.

The video shows a police officer asking the woman if she has a licence, to which she responds ‘no’ as she’s not part of the state.

The woman maintains that she’s going ‘sovereign’ and therefore does not abide by common law.

The officer proceeds to ask the woman for identification, and Fisher hands over a homemade card that says she is a’ sovereign living woman’ and her first breath location is ‘earth’.

When the woman is then asked why her number plates aren’t displayed, she says: “I’m slowly removing myself from being under your corporation cause you’re actually a corporation - you just collect money.”

Fisher adds she’s ‘transitioning from interactions with police’ and is removing licences and number plates to declare they have ‘no authority over her'.

Once the officer discovers the woman has her number plates inside her vehicle, which she demands are displayed if Fisher continues to drive.

The woman ultimately complies before hitting the road again.

She tells the viewers: “I tried to change my plates back over, that didn't work. You cannot talk these people. You cannot talk to police. They don't give a f**k."

She concludes: “Still, I chose this path, I'm not giving up that easily.”

Featured Image Credit: Van Balion/YouTube

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