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Pet Tortoise That Went Missing In The 80s Discovered In Attic 30 Years Later

Pet Tortoise That Went Missing In The 80s Discovered In Attic 30 Years Later

A family has discovered a pet tortoise 30 years after it went missing.

A family once discovered a pet tortoise 30 years after it went missing.

I can recall multiple instances in primary school when my friends' hamsters flung themselves free of the confines of their cages and scurried beneath the floorboards, never to be seen again.

But one thing's for sure, is that the hamsters definitely didn't go missing in the 80's only to manage to survive and resurface a whopping 30 years later in an attic.

How Manuela - Nathayle De Almedia's mother's pet tortoise - managed to survive, we'll never know, but the new owner has revealed how his family recently stumbled across the elusive reptile.

Long-lost tortoise Manuela was found in the attic 30 years later.
Nathayle De Almedia

Manuela is first reported as having gone missing in 1982 when Nathayle's mum was the age of eight.

As legend states, Nathayle said the tortoise is thought to have gone missing when the house was having electrical work take place.

When Nathayle's mother's husband passed away 30 years later, the family went to the house to sort through his belongings.

After trawling through many dust-ridden items, the family were faced with an unexpected surprise when they opened up one particular wooden box.

As well as finding a speaker, the family were faced with the beady eyes of an old and wizened tortoise staring right back at them.

Nathayle told The Dodo: "We were shocked!"

Not only this, but Manuela was able to be reunited with his long-lost owner.

"My mom arrived crying because she didn't believe it. They found Manuela!" Nathayle said.

The family suspect that Manuela was able to survive - and for far longer than any measly hamster - because of eating termite larvae.

Manuela was discovered in 2013, and at the time was reported as being very much alive and kicking.

It has also since been revealed that Manuela is not a 'she' but a 'he'.

His name has subsequently been changed to Manuel.

Manuela is actually a boy, so his name has been changed to Manuel.
Nathayle De Almedia

Nathayle reflected: "Manuel is doing great. He’s grown a lot.

"I brought him in to live with me because I have a lot of affection for him."

Nathayle's mum visits the tortoise 'weekly' and is 'happy to see [Nathayle's] daughter with him'.

Nathayle concluded: "She feeds him, pets him and kisses him. He's part of our family. He is one of us."

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Featured Image Credit: TV Globo

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